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The Highest Clarity VR Headset in the World

Crystal vs. Crystal-Sim

These are the same headsets at heart packaged into two different configuration bundles for our customers. Sim users often employ external control devices like wheels, pedals, and HOTAS units for flight. Due to this concentration on non-motion gaming, many simmers have no need for motion controllers. To suit those users the Crystal-Sim ditches the VR controllers and picks up a cool new limited edition faceplate in one of 4 colors. For ultra high-end simmers the Crystal-Sim maintains compatibility with our optional Lighthouse Faceplate and base station tracking algorithms, a feature that can really come in handy once full-motion rigs are being used.
  • Premium glass lenses provide exceptional visuals
  • Resolution: 2880 x 2880 pixels per eye
  • 72Hz/90Hz/120Hz refresh rate modes
  • 35 PPD for unrivaled visual clarity.
  • Tracking with external cameras, optional lighthouse faceplate available
  • Local dimming enhances dark areas while preserving vivid colors.
  • Tobii eye tracking enables auto-IPD and dynamic foveated rendering.
  • Enjoy comfort with a balanced weight and reduced facial pressure.
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