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Outlet 8K PLUS KDMAS - Edition

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  • outlet 8kp
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Why Outlet Headset?

The production of modern tech has a dramatic impact on the environment. Buying them outlet, while not a perfect solution, can help to significantly limit their environmental impact.

These are factory-built new units that have cosmetic issues that occurred during production or transportation.

When the product undergoes factory inspection, the following situations appear as Outlet products:

  1. One or two dead pixels are often present.
  2. Scratches or paint overspray can appear on the housing or other components.
  • The defects with these devices are cosmetic in nature and they go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they are fully functional and operate with the same capabilities as a new headset.
  • The headset includes a 1 Year Warranty on Electronics, Cosmetic issues are not covered by the Warranty.
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