Sandbox VR from home

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Sandbox VR from home

Sandbox VR is an offline VR experience for up to 6 people all at the same time. Sandbox VR has 35 locations across the world, in countries such as the US, Canada, England, China, Singapore, and Germany coming soon. But could you experience Sandbox VR from home?

What is Sandbox VR?

Sandbox VR is a company that specialises in providing immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences. They create VR-powered social gaming experiences that allow groups of people to interact and play together in virtual environments. These experiences often involve wearing VR headsets, motion-tracking technology, and sometimes haptic feedback devices to enhance the sense of immersion.

It’s worth noting, Sandbox VR is not related to ‘The Sandbox Metaverse’, which is a virtual gaming world built on blockchain technology. The two companies are just coincidentally named the same.

Sandbox VR experiences

Sandbox VR offers a range of games and experiences where participants can work together to solve puzzles, fight virtual enemies, or engage in other collaborative activities. They are nearly always social experiences, meaning you have to work together with the friends you’ve brought!

Let’s look at the games and experiences offered and then see if that can be replicated from home.

Unbound Fighting League from Sandbox VR

This is a fighting game where you use spears, swords, claws and other weaponry as well as shields to combat. Step into this arena in this player vs player game.

Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire

Go on a quest in this game in fantasy settings. You can choose your class and fight enemies with your friends.

Deadwood Valley

This is a shooter similar to the Left 4 Dead game series. Zombies flood the town and you'll have to survive.

Amber Sky 2088

Here you need to defend a planet or space station in a sci-fi setting. This is an open world shooter, unlike Star Trek (below) which is mostly indoor.

Deadwood Mansion

This is similar to Deadwood Valley, but held inside rather than in the open. Fight off the zombie invasion with your guns!

Curse of Davy Jones

This is a kid-friendly shooter set in a cartoony pirate setting. Unlike other games from Sandbox VR, this one is suitable for kids.

Star Trek Discovery

This is an FPS shooter where you go on a mission inside the Star Trek universe.

Sandbox VR from home

There’s no real or official Sandbox VR experience to use at home, but

Similar to Unbound Fighting League (PVP arena style):
- Blade & Sorcery
- Swordsman
- VR Broken Edge

Similar to Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire:
- Skyrim VR
- Asgard's Wrath
- Zenith: The Last City

Similar to Deadwood Valley (outdoor zombie shooter)
- After the Fall
- Resident Evil 4 VR
- Onward
- Into the Radis
- Ghosts of Tabor

Similar to Amber Sky 2088 (outdoor sci-fi FPS)
- Guardians Frontline

Similar to Deadwood Mansion (indoor zombie shooter)
- After the Fall
- Boneworks
- The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Similar to Curse of Davy Jones (pirate FPS)
- Blaston
- Skeet: VR Target Shooting

Similar to Star Trek Discovery (indoor sci fi FPS)
- Space Pirate Trainer
- Pavlov
- Superhot
- Boneworks

The above games can all be played with PCVR, and some also in Standalone VR.

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