Cutting-edge immersive realism: Next Level Racing® and Pimax establish partnership

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Cutting-edge immersive realism: Next Level Racing® and Pimax establish partnership

Gold Coast, Australia
Tuesday, June 2024

Pimax is proud to announce an official Virtual Reality partnership with Next Level Racing®, with the two leading brands in racing and flight simulation immersion collaborating on live event experiences and more!

The evolution of Virtual Reality (VR) in racing and flight simulation has allowed enthusiasts to experience cutting-edge racing and flight simulation like never before. VR headsets now allow enthusiasts to experience racing and flying as if they were truly behind the wheel of a GT3 race car, or in the cockpit of a Boeing 747. In addition, VR has not only enhanced realism but also offers possibilities for training, entertainment, and competition.

Pimax is excited to embark on this collaboration with Next Level Racing®, who are a trailblazer in the sim racing and flight sims. The partnership will focus on live events activations and exhibitions around the world, whilst creating exciting VR content for simulation enthusiasts.

Pimax's dedication to pushing the boundaries of immersion and clarity aligns perfectly with our mission to provide sim enthusiasts with unparalleled experiences. With the upcoming release of the Pimax Crystal Light in 2024, Next Level Racing® are excited to explore new heights of realism and excitement in simulation together with Pimax.

Kam Khadem | Head of Brand and Strategic Growth at Next Level Racing®

"We're thrilled to announce a new VR partnership with Pimax! This new collaboration with a leading VR manufacturer marks an exciting milestone in creating the most immersive simulation experiences, echoing our goals at Next Level Racing® as we continue to redefine immersive realism in sim racing and flight simulation. Pimax's relentless pursuit of cutting-edge VR technology perfectly complements our mission to provide unparalleled experiences to enthusiasts worldwide. Together, Next Level Racing® and Pimax are excited to set to raise the bar, offering our community an unparalleled level of immersive simulation experiences."

Jaap Grolleman | Marketing director at Pimax:

“We, like lots of our users, already use Next Level Racing® products, and then we also have top esports drivers who use both our companies’ products, such as at Nitro Sim Racing who are winning at the highest levels of off-road in iRacing. So we firmly believe these high-end rigs and VR headsets don’t just increase your level of immersion, they also add to your performance on the track. We share the same values in that we want to bring high-quality products to simmers all around the world at accessible prices.”

About Next Level Racing®

Founded in 2009, Next Level Racing® has revolutionized the simulation industry with its unwavering commitment to innovation and unique design.
As a multiple-award-winning company, we have always aimed to provide our customers with the most realistic and immersive racing and flight simulation experiences. Next Level Racing® is recognized as a leading manufacturer of racing and flight simulator cockpits, with a whole ecosystem of cockpits, seats, monitor and wheel stands and more. Next Level Racing® already has licensed rigs from Boeing, Ferrari, as well as collaborations with Thrustmaster, VCO, iRacing, G2 ESports, and other well-known brands.

About Pimax

Pimax develops and manufactures high-end VR headsets, perfect for flight and racing sims. Pimax was the first to achieve 4K resolution in a VR headset in 2015, followed by 8K resolution later. It’s now the only VR manufacturer using glass lenses — with the Pimax Crystal — for an ultra-high clarity and wide field of view, which greatly adds to the immersion when racing or flying. Later in 2024, the Pimax Crystal Light is coming out, which is the streamlined version of the Pimax Crystal.

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