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128GB $299

MSRP: $399

Early-Bird Price
256GB $399

MSRP: $499

Early-Bird Price
QLED HandHeld
256GB $549

Early-Bird Price
Portal View
128GB $499

VR Headset
VR Controller sleeve

MSRP: $599

Early-Bird Price
Portal View
256GB $549

VR Dock
VR Controller sleeve

MSRP: $649

Early-Bird Price
Portal View QLED
256GB $599

VR Headset Pro
VR Controller sleeve

MSRP: $699

[ Add-on: Dark Version ]

Early-Bird Price

The one and only 4K Hybrid VR Gaming System
One is all, All is one


A: For the moment, NO, due to Kickstarter rules. You can order on the Pimax website after the Kickstarter project ends.

A: After the Kickstarter project, the early-bird price will be end at the time.

A: 5 years ago, we launched our very first crowdfunding campaign. It was with the help of our enthusiastic VR community we were able to evolve our headsets. Over the years we have listened to our users and everything from the housings, the visuals, the software; basically, all aspects of our products have received many improvements driven by customer feedback.

We are laying a foundation for our companies culture. A culture that reflects our customers interest will run as deep as our DNA. The more we all work together, the better our ecosystem and products will be.

After listening to our user suggestions and feedback we have decided to follow their will and use the Kickstarter platform to start a global pre-sale for Portal where we will be able to communicate with our users and respond to their opinions openly and transparently. Some people may ask “Why a Kickstarter?” Our answer is this is all about learning from our customers and establishing the level of interest for this exciting new technology. As the Portal and its Vision VR kit accessory have passed through the research and development stages successfully. Portal is ready for mass production, however there are still many aspects we would like to call on users to participate in. Do you want us to offer a 512gb option? Should we offer multiple color options for Portal's chassis and controllers? What type of content would you like to experience first using portal?

All of your feedback are valued and influencial to the product, that's why we are here again.

A: You will receive a decent price discount as compared to the retail price. We will provide stretch goals, freebies, games, and an extension of the device's warranty after the project has accomplished its goal.

A: Android-based devices may achieve ideally balanced size and weight; they are substantially smaller than windows-based gaming handhelds (Steamdeck/Ayaneo). The Portal VR mode must be pleasant to wear while still being capable enough to operate all of the content.

You can switch the Portal to Windows OS while utilising the WiGig module.

A: View - 100 degree FOV and 27 PPD.

Cinema - 60 degree FOV and 40 PPD

Horizon - 140 degree FOV and 20 PPD

Social - 100 degree FOV and 27 PPD (comes with facial tracking)

A: It offers three fixed IPD options: 58mm, 63mm, and 68mm.

Please contact our support staff if you require optional IPD.

A: HDMI is not included.

A: We have considered various colourway and combinations. A survey with your preferred housing colour will be available soon.

A: Unfortunately no.You can use USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter.

A: Yes, please visit for more info.

A: Click Manage Your Pledge -> Change Your Pledge -> **Select the same pledge you have backed** -> Choose any add-on(s) you want.

ONLY Portal QLED View ($599) is eligible for this add-on.