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pitool Highlight

Performance Optimization

Personalized Function 

Personalized Function

PiTool Download

Release Date: 2021/11/08

Version: v1.0.1.273

File Size: 119MB



New Features:

1. Adapt the sword controller

2. Add forced frame supplement function

3. Fixed known bugs

4. Optimize Amazon user service

Firmware Update

For Non 8K X

Firmware Version: 273    

Release Date: 2021/09/17 

New Features:

1. Fixed the problem of screen picture split

2. Added connection stability

Firmware 273 Update


For 8K X

Firmware Version: 299    

Release Date:2021/09/17

New Features:

1. Added 90Hz option for native mode
2. Fix the accidental black screen problem at upscaling mode

Firmware 299 Update

Tips: Learn more about update firmware please click Firmware Related