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VR Comfort Kit


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Keep your HMD clean and hygienic
  • Block external light leakage & relieves pressure on the nose
  • Improved comfort

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Good add-on

The comfort kit is much better than original. Far more comfortable and blocks out all external light around nose. It does let in a small amount of light at the sides for me as it doesn't seal off completely. I plan to fix that with more padding at the sides when I can get ahold of some. I would also prefer it to keep my eyes a little further back from the screen. They are slightly too close. If I pull it back a little the image is a little clearer.

The worst part for me was the postage fee. It was ridiculously priced and had no alternate option. The comfort kit was $65.50 AU and the postage was $76.50 AU!! I originally assumed that must have been as the unit was shipped from China and the international postage was expensive. That was not the case though as it got shipped from Sydney only 1 hour from where I live. Normal postage from Sydney to my house is around $15 AU express and arrives the next day. This took 4 days after I ordered. The box also arrived unsealed where anyone could open. Fortunately it was still there and undamaged.

Dieter Voigtländer
ist gut

eine gute Ergänzung zur Brille


its great and comfortable

Luke Andrews
10/10 would definitely recommend

This was very easy to install and made a huge overall improvement to the vr experience, distributing the load of the headset across your forehead, plus completely sealing off all the small light leaks that exist in the original. Especially considering the reasonable price point I consider this a must-buy for any PIMAX owner.

Justin Bryce
Super Comfy

Feels like snorkling goggles the way it wraps around your face.