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Pimax 8K Plus


  • Dual 4K HD resolution
  • 200° FOV Fresnel lenses
  • Up to 110Hz ultra-high refresh rate
  • SteamVR 1.0/2.0 tracking supported
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
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out of stock
SMAS Edition
Sword Kit & Sword Kit Lite
Sword kit Lite includes 2 Sword controllers & 2* 1.0 base stations
Sword kit includes 2 Sword controllers & 2* 2.0 base stations
Player Kit
Only available in EU and United States
Includes 2 knuckles controllers & 2 base stations.
VR Beginner Package
Includes 5 random accessories: 4.5M Cable For USB Models,
VR Comfort Kit, Silicone Protective Sleeve, Face Foam For Comfort Kit.
Audio Earphones
Includes 2 High-fidelity earphones
Hand Tracking Module
Silicone Protective Sleeve

Out of stock


  • Does it have an hdmi input so i can hook up to my cable box or xbox?

    Pimax headsets cannot be connected to an Xbox or cable. It only can connect to a PC for PCVR use.

  • Will it work with the Valve Knuckles (Valve Index) controllers or htc vive controllers?

    Yes, Pimax headsets are fully compatible with all SteamVR controllers, accessories and base stations. This includes Valve and HTC controllers and base stations.

  • Is this headset glasses friendly?

    Yes. You can use our glasses compatible face pad included with the headset. Most thin frame glasses can work just fine.

  • What GPU’s are compatible with the 8K Plus?

    NVIDIA®️RTX 2060(AMD Radeon™ RX 5600XT) or better.

  • What are refresh rates for the 8K Plus?


  • What resolution does the 8K Plus use?

    3840*2160 per eye panel resolution scaled from 2560×1440 per eye.

  • Does the Pimax 8K plus also run on Windows 7?

    Windows 10 or Windows 11 are required for operation. Windows 7 is not recommended.

  • Are base stations or controllers required to use the headset?

    “Seated games such as racing games (iRacing), Flight simulator games (DCS, MSFS2020 etc.) don’t require base stations or controllers. It is generally considered to be more immersive with at least 1 base station because this allows much more movement freedom.
    Games such as Half life: Alyx need base stations and controllers to track the movement of your body and hands in games as they make extensive use of room scale. ”

  • What’s the difference between 8K Plus and 8K X?

    8KX natively uses a 3840×2160 resolution signal and the 8K Plus scales to 3840×2160 from 2560×1440 per eye. Both headsets elinimate the screen door effect you can see with most other headsets.

they also like pimax 8k plus

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Cliff Etiennne
Awesome headset

Read through the negative reviews, don't agree at all. Graphics are stunning, God rays haven't come across any but I don't go around looking for a white board. Came from quest 2 and now I'm spoiled with picture quality.

Très bon profduit

le PIMAX 8 Plus est le casque VR que j'attendais, cependant il faut une bonne configuration pour pouvoir exploiter ces capacités. (i7 9700k, 32 Go de RAM, RTX 2080 ti). Je retire une étoile juste pour le confort, la sangle est très difficile à mettre en place et à régler. les réglages logiciels sont très bien fait, on peu régler les paramètres pour chaque jeux ou laisser un paramètre commun. des accessoires existe pour améliorer le casque et l'immersion.
Je recommande.

Great product

PIMAX 8 Plus is the VR headset I was waiting for, however it takes a good configuration to be able to exploit these capabilities. (i7 9700k, 32 GB RAM, RTX 2080 ti). I deduct one star just for comfort, the strap is very difficult to put on and adjust. the software settings are very well done, we can adjust the settings for each game or leave a common setting. accessories exist to improve the helmet and the immersion.
I recommend.

Diego Hernandez
Buen producto

La verdad me pensaba que sería algo malo pero al final todo venia en buen estado y buenas condiciones gracias por darme esta oportunidad. Ahora a disfrutar

Research it

Purchased about three months ago.
I am very happy with my PRMAX 8K plus
I also have a Vive pro , also ordered a valve index which I returned because the resolution was not even as good as the vive pro. Also have PlayStation VR
But the Primax, hands-down is the best.
I am extremely happy with it The resolution and wide field of view, makes the experience very immersive,
That being said, you have to figure this thing out.. go to the Internet and see what’s being said about set up, parallel projection should be disabled, giving a picture that is far clearer. Other settings within stream Have to be change.. if you’re not willing to do the research, it may not be for you.
But that being said, I’m at five star happy customer.
Also I built my own head strap