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  • 4K*2 Ultra HD resolution
  • 200° FOV Fresnel lenses
  • Native refresh rate 60/75/90Hz & Upscaling 110Hz
  • SteamVR 1.0/2.0 tracking supported
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • 3D spatial audio
Sword Kit
Includes 2 Sword controllers & 2 base stations
Player Kit
Only available in EU and United States(ship within 3-4 weeks)
Includes 2 knuckles controllers & 2 base stations
Purchase a Pimax headset can get $20 off with a Sword controller.
VR Beginner Package
Includes 5 random accessories: 4.5M Cable For USB Models,
VR Comfort Kit, Silicone Protective Sleeve, Face Foam For Comfort Kit.
Hand Tracking Module
Silicone Protective Sleeve


  • Can you replace the DMAS earphones with the KDMAS earphones on this headset?

    Yes, you can. Please see our tutorial here


  • Is this a wireless headset?

    No, the 8K X requires the included two-in-one DisplayPort and USB cable to be connected to a VR capable computer to function.

  • I’ve heard that the 8k X had a new revision released with upgraded features, is this the latest version or an older one? What are the differences?

    We sell both. The DMAS is the latest revision of the 8K X with new features, such as our updated audio solution and panels to improve the picture quality. The KDMAS is the older version of the 8K X.
    The differences are that the DMAS version provides off ear audio and those new features, while the KDMAS provides on ear audio and is compatible with AMD graphic cards and laptop GPUs, while the upgrades on the DMAS mean it is compatible with NVIDIA desktop RTX GPUs only.


  • Is this a standalone headset or does it require being connected to a PC? Can I use a non-Windows OS?

    No, this isn’t a standalone headset, and you must use Windows. Both the KDMAS and DMAS versions of the Pimax 8K X headset are designed to be connected to a Windows 10 or 11 PC via the included cable. The DMAS version requires a desktop PC with an NVIDIA RTX card, the KDMAS version can be used with a laptop.

    Recommended PC Specs are:
    OS: Windows 10 or 11
    GPU: RTX 2080 or Above
    CPU: Intel i5-9400 or above
    RAM: 8GB or more
    Output: USB 3 port and DisplayPort 1.4


  • How long will the price remain reduced?

    Thank you for your interest in Pimax. The offer is limited in time, please do not miss it. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message through chat via the support page.


  • Is the 8K X better than the Quest 2? Why is it a lot more expensive?

    The 8K X has dramatically higher specifications than a VR device like the Quest 2. The main factors are significantly higher resolution and field of view. These aspects help bring out the best experience for PCVR games of much higher fidelity than the Quest 2 plays natively.

  • Is the 8KX compatible with HP Reverb G2 or Quest 1/2 controllers?



  • Is the 8KX PlayStation compatible?



  • Are the 8KX speakers removable?

    Yes, the DMAS and KDMAS speakers are attached on each side with a small screw under the Velcro strip.


  • Can I use prescription lenses or glasses with the 8K X?

    Yes, you can use prescription lenses with the 8K X as there is room for them. You can also use glasses as the face foam and housing is designed to accommodate them. It is recommended to use the thicker, 15mm facial interface with glasses.

  • Can I play normal Steam games with the 8K X?

    Yes, you can play normal Steam games in the 8k X. This can be done via the built in Steam theater player by launching your VR headset and then the non-VR game you wish to play, or via Virtual Desktop or Big Screen for more options. This will make the game display inside of the VR headset.


  • I usually do stationary VR with a HOTAS or steering wheel and pedals, do I need a base station for this?

    No, you don’t require base stations to play stationary, seated VR experiences such as simulators. The headset can be set into 9-axis tracking mode for non-room scale games that don’t need walking around or VR controllers.


  • Can the 8KX used with AMD graphic cards?

    At present, the DMAS version of the 8K X does not support AMD graphic cards and requires an NVIDIA GPU. We are working to add AMD support for this model. However, the 8K X KDMAS version does support AMD cards just fine.


  • Can you play without a base stations and VR controllers?

    Yes, many VR games, particularly simulations such as driving and flying, do not require base stations or VR controllers and can be played with peripherals such as a keyboard, HOTAS, or steering wheel. However, games which require room scale and moving your arms, such as Beat Saber, require the use of base stations and controllers.


  • My laptop has USB ports, but only HDMI and no DisplayPort. Can I still use it with the 8K X? Can I use the 8K X with a laptop that had DisplayPort?

    The 8K X DMAS version is not compatible with laptops at present. The 8K X KDMAS version, however, can be used with laptops if they have a DisplayPort 1.4 port and meet the minimum system requirements. HDMI is not compatible with the 8K X.

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Jason Smith
Best VR Experience

I am a super computer lover, own a NVIDIA RTX 3090 Ti, and before my beloved Pimax 8KX KDMAS, I enjoyed my HTC Vive Pro 2, Meta Quest 2, Valve Index, etc. Now all I do is enjoy every day and night of my Pimax 8KX KDMAS. Ever since I ordered, It was a WONDERFUL experience! The Pimax team communicated with me frequently, shipped expediently, responded timely and always interacted with so much love! I am extremely glad I invested in my first Pimax! Now I am a super fan for life! What a great product and awesome people! Thank you PIMAX, you RULE! MUCH LOVE!!!

Sergio Smith
Por ahora lo recomiendo ampliamente.

Todo excelente, producto de muy buena calidad y la entrega muy rápida.

Incredibly good

If you are picky and need wide FOV plus extremely good clarity there isn't any other product out there currently that competes with this. The picture is absolutely amazing, the tracking excellent, and the refresh rates well now that 90Hz has been enabled at native resolution. Most importantly it has a wide FOV. If normal HMDs make you feel claustrophobic then this is a good choice for you. The 4 FOV modes are Wide (so wide you will really not notice you have it on), Normal (a bit less but still excellent), Small (about the same as all the cheaper HMDs on the market), and Potato (very small FOV). The downside? You have to learn and use an extra tool to manage the HMD, making the entire process at least twice as complicated as it otherwise would be. It's well, well worth it.

David Yao
VR Game Changer !!

As an owner of a second hand 5k+ I knew the 8k would excel. I didn't hesitate to pull the trigger and order.

As any VR enthusiast already knows, VR isn't a plug and play option regardless of specification of the PC it's being attached too. I run an i9-9900k with an EVGA 3090 GPU and it took me around an hour to dial in the settings to have the 8k running smoothly.

This thing blows my mind. In DCS I have pixel density at 2.1 and I'm achieving 60FPS almost constantly. the eye candy is screen door free and silky smooth.

I don't hesitate to recommend this (or any Pimax HMD) provided you understand this isn't plug and play. If you're running VR already you'll understand what I'm referring too. That said and this is customer service at its best. Once you've purchased, you get an email from Pimax offering you complimentary assistant in setup !

Awesome experience

I never owned a vr headset before all of my friends have a different brands and everyone was telling me that I don't need to spend that much money on pimax 8kx but after they try it they were blown away two of them already ordered 8kx and the others they gonna get the 12k in the future and I will get the 12k FOR SURE

The field of view It's very important to make it a VIRTUAL REALITY playing a games with different brands it's like you are looking through 5" hole and that will not make you feel you are in virtual reality

Thanks PIMAX for making us feel that we are living in virtual reality and keep it up