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Hand Tracking Module


  • Accurate to every finger
  • Wide field of view tracking range
  • Smaller form factor and low power consumption
  • Pimax series headset adaptation

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Hans Falter

Da wo ich das Hand tracking module benutzen kann erfüllt es meine ganze Erwartung

David Strahand
Pimax Hand tracking

works great in the demo software, very flaky in DCS, really unusable which is sad as its what i purchased it for..

Matt K
Not quite there yet

Awful time getting it to work. Had firmware issues and had to reflash using hard to find utility from Leap Motion.

Bought for flight simulation use, but the technology isn't quite there. Hand tracking isn't accurate enough. Shows promise, hopefully the get it figured out.

Thorsten Donath

It's really fun and it works very well in games, it's just a shame that there aren't enough games with this feature (hand tracking)

Michael DeWalt
Good product but not well supported by Flight sim apps

The installation was a breeze so 5 stars for that. If you use the sample apps from leap motion thing seem to work pretty well but not all apps would work on my machine in VR. However using it with X-plane (my go to sim), it doesn't work. As of now X-plane does not support hand tracking. Also Fly inside could not seem to recognize the module even though I turned on hand tracking option. Clearly the incorportation of hand tracking in flight sim apps need to be more widespread for this device to be useful for me. So for my use it is really a 2 star but that would be an unfair rating for the unit itself which works as advertised.