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DMAS Earphones


  • 40mm headphone driver unit
  • High-fidelity audio
  • DTS Audio

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
OK at what it does but not quite reference level as claimed

If you have done any speaker crafting, you know that the sound from the front side and the back side off the diaphragm shouldn't get mixed, which result in details of the audio being masked as well as having less bass (some times far less) than it could.
There is something like "reaches the reference level" from the Pimax USA CEO on the sales page, but I strongly disagree. It does not even touch that level.
The good thing about the product is that it does what it does OK, wiring will be clean, no eye sores, gets you less hot. Which are quite a nice things to have.
So I'd say don't expect just too much.
One thing I'd like Pimax to do is to add an equalizer + sound level gain on their Pitool/Pimax Experience. You can do that with free 3rd party softwares but would be nice not to clutter my Windows.

Bernard Briggs
Pair it with the KDMAS earcups!

Works great for me, and sounds perfect, or at least as good as my Razer Blackshark V2 Pro.
You have to use the splitter cable plugged into the left side, and it seems quiet (requires 80% volume to be audible).
I decided to try putting the KDMAS earcups onto the DMAS speakers and it doubled the volume!
It also cuts out a good chunk of the ambient noise in my room.

Sehr schöner natürlicher Klang!

Der Klang ist wirklich toll!
Die Ohren sind Frei!
Sehr guter 3D Sound!
Wir sind mitten drin!

Anfangs hatte ich Probleme, allerdings lag es an meiner 8KX. Also nicht aufgeben!

Das Problem wurde gelöst!
Vielen Dank an den Pimax Support!!!!

Solltet ihr also ein Problem haben, schreibt mit dem Pimax Support!

Der Pimax Support ist super!
Sehr nett und Hilfsbereit!

Vielen Danke für den Tollen Service!

The sound is really great!
The ears are free!
Very good 3D sound!
We are right in the middle!

At first I had problems, but it was due to my 8KX. So don't give up!

The problem got solved!
Many thanks to the Pimax support !!!!

So if you have a problem, write to Pimax Support!

The Pimax support is great!
Very nice and helpful!

Thank you for the great service!

Good spatial audio with some caveats

I used to have a G2 with Index speakers last year. So I only have the memory of what they used to sound like. The one thing I do remember is not being blown away by them.
The DMAS sounds about the same to me, not having compared them side by side.

The mids and highs are crystal clear but the bass leaves a little to be desired. It's there and its better than SMAS by far, but its subtle.

My biggest issue is I have a buzz on the right ear when no audio is playing. When I plug the speaker directly into my pc instead of SMAS audio strap the noise is gone. ( Not really a solution)

jeffrey sonora
DMAS Earphones

the built quality seams good but lacks Low frequency almost no base also it did not come with ear cup cushions