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8K X

8K X

Pimax 8K X

Immerse yourself in high fidelity.

Introducing the Pimax 8K X,
our VR 2.0 flagship PC VR headset.

Featuring industry-leading optics, and brilliant dual native 4K customized low persistence liquid (CLPL) displays.

It is the world's only 8K resolution VR headset which provides you with the
most immersive virtual reality experience.

8K, enjoy every detail with amazing fidelity.

Our dual native 4K customized low persistence liquid (CLPL) display features with less liquid response time and a higher refresh rate. You can explore every smallest of details in virtual reality with the highest resolution and widest 200 degrees of field of view.


Immerse yourself in amazing 8K fidelity.

Our dual native 4K customized CLPL display technology features minimal response times and higher refresh rates. Experience the slightest details in virtual reality with the highest resolution and widest FOV on the market.

Unleash your creativity.

With configurable display settings you can customize and adjust screen parameters such as color saturation and contrast to tune your virtual gaming experience to your personal preference.

Spot your enemy first and rule the game.

The 8K X is designed to boost your sense of vision to the next level in virtual reality. Our customized Fresnel lens architecture offers a 200° field of view that is closest to your natural vision.


React faster with lower latency.

Enjoy outstanding visual fluidity with a 90 Hz native refresh rate, or boost to 110 Hz refresh rate in upscaling mode and amp up your reaction time to the extreme.

60 Hz

110 Hz

Game in comfort for hours.

Industry-leading ergonomic design enables amazing comfort while wearing the 8K X to deliver
amazing comfortable use for extended gaming hours.

Soft Cushion Soft cushioning provides excellent comfort for your face and forehead while you enjoy virtual reality with your 8K X.

Nose Guard The 8K X's nose guard provides optimal comfort and enhanced light-blocking for the best experience possible.

Audiophile fidelity speakers.

Enhanced immersion in virtual reality with high fidelity 3D stereo surround sound.

Easily fit to your eyes.

Use the physical knob to adjust the lenses interpupillary distance between 60-70mm to get the best picture for your eyes. Our software can further adjust IPD another plus or minus 2mm.

Qualifies for the 12K QLED Trade-in program.

Your headset purchase qualifies for up to 100% trade-in credit toward a 12K QLED upgrade.

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Full SteamVR Tracking Compatibility.

Compatible with SteamVR 1.0 & 2.0 series base stations and Sword/Index/Vive controllers.

Powered by USB. No External power required.

Dual USB-Ports remove the need for an external power brick, allowing for a seamless, clean connection with reduced clutter.