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GPU: RTX 2080 or Above


No,but all Pimaxians can use $100$ coupon to buy crystal.

In standalone mode, you can not only play the games in Pimax Home, but also stream the game content of steamVR in PC through WIFI 6E.

Hand tracking accessories can be used universally. Crystal will have its own eye-tracking function, so eye-tracking accessories are not required.

NO,there are two pairs of lenses already in the package.

Yes, Pimax Crystal's sleeve is replaceable. Under the lighthouse sleeve, you can use BASE STATION 2.0 for precise positioning, and you can also use the sword controller and Index controller.

NO, the Sword/Index controller needs the base station to realize the 6DOF positioning. The driver of the base station needs to use SteamVR. In standalone mode, the base station 2.0 cannot be driven through steamVR, so that the positioning of the controller cannot be achieved