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Pimax Crystal Light, nur Headset

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$799.00 USD
$799.00 USD
Normaler Preis
  • Diese Version verfügt über lokales Dimmen, aber keine Controller.
  • Ultrascharfe Auflösung von 2880 x 2880 pro Auge.
  • Asphärische Glaslinsen mit großem Sweet Spot.
  • 35 PPD für superklare Sicht.
  • Variable Bildwiederholrate (60 Hz, 72 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz) sorgt für flüssiges Gameplay.
  • Manuell einstellbarer IPD (58–72 mm).
  • Foveated Rendering: Behoben 2.0.
  • Einfache Einrichtung mit Inside-Out-Tracking oder Erweiterung mit Lighthouse-Tracking.
  • Audio: austauschbarer 3,5-mm-Stecker, 2x Mikrofon.
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Choose Your Desired Version of Crystal Light

Headset with Controllers


Includes the headset and two controllers, equipped with local dimming.

Headset with Lighthouse


Includes the headset and the Lighthouse faceplate (no controllers), equipped with local dimming.

Headset Only, No Controllers


Includes the headset itself (no controllers), equipped with local dimming.


Introducing the New "Trial Payment, Final Payment" Model

Select your desired product at Pimax website. Complete your purchase by paying the trial fee. Upon receiving your product, register and activate it for a 15-day free trial. Take your time to explore and experience the product's features. If you're impressed with your trial experience, pay the remaining balance through Pimax Play to unlock the full version.

$699 or $599
Secure your order with $699 or $599, depending on your choice version. Pay at Pimax.
Pay the remaining $200 upon receipt and enjoy a 15-day trial period. Pay in PimaxPlay.

Quick Setup


Connect the Headset

Connect the headset to PC, connect the power adapter to the Pimax cable.


Download Pimax Play

Download Pimax Play at pimax.com/downloads-manuals/


Pair the Device

Pair your headset and controllers via Pimax Play. Start playing the game.


Yes. Crystal Light’s display and lenses materials are consistent with Crystal. But Crystal Light’s lenses are not removable, so customers don’t have the option to customize their own lenses.

Yes, the stock controllers are listed on our webstore. You can purchase them later if you want to play games with controllers.

When you proceed to checkout, the GST/VAT should be included in the total price.

Yes, same as Crystal, DMAS Earphones are compatible with Crystal Light. But DMAS's weight is 5.3 Ounces (150g), this weight difference will make Crystal Light less lightweight.

Yes, Lighthouse Faceplate is compatible with Crystal Light. With a Lighthouse Faceplate, Crystal Light can easily pair with Base Stations 1.0/2.0, then it can pair with Pimax Sword/HTC Vive/Valve Index Controllers.

Yes, same as Crystal, Topstrap is compatible with Crystal Light.

No, Crystal Light's lenses are not removable.

We have also considered whether to directly make 15mm Facial Foam the standard configuration of Crystal Light. However, a thicker sponge mask will occupy part of the line of sight, which means it may bring a smaller FOV visual experience. Therefore we decided to use the same default 11mm sea Facial Foam as Crystal Light for Crystal Light.

If you are interested in upgrading the Facial Foam, they can purchase it in the Accessories area of Pimax's official website.

Local Dimming is a technology that enhances the black levels on your screen, making the dark areas even darker. The difference between the 'With Local Dimming' version and the 'Without Local Dimming' version is not only reflected in the hardwares, but also in the software. The purpose of launching Crystal Light is to better cater to the needs of users who pursue high definition but have a low budget. Implementing local dimming technology not only relies on software algorithm support, but also requires mini-LED backlight technology.

Therefore, the 'Without Local Dimming' version of the head display does not have the original backlight configuration.


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