Pimax Crystal sim


No Base Station Required

4 external Depth-of-Field cameras

35 PPD

Glass Aspheric Lenses

2880 x 2880

Pixels Per Eye

Local Dimming

True-to-life Colors

Sim Optimized 72Hz

Refresh Rate Mode 72/90/120Hz


Enables Auto IPD&DFR

Fast Shipping

3-5 business days

Every Pixel Matters

Featuring 5760 x 2880 pixels, Crystal provides unparalleled graphics that allows you to enjoy crystal-clear visuals like never before.

*This Limited Edition will only include the headset. Controllers can be purchased separately.

The Crystal-Sim is also qualified for the 12K trade-in program.

Starting from


or $66.86/mo. for 24 mo.*

Unmatched Clarity in the Cockpit

With the 2880x2880 pixel per eye resolution, the Pimax Crystal delivers unprecedented clarity and detail in the cockpit. Every gauge, switch, and instrument panel is rendered with astonishing precision. Whether you're checking your lap times, fuel gauge, or tire pressure, you'll be able to see it all with crystal-clear clarity. This can give you a significant advantage over other drivers, as you'll be able to make faster and more informed decisions.

Smooth Sim Racing with DFR

The Pimax Crystal's eye-tracking feature makes it easy to activate DFR, with which the Crystal dynamically renders the scene at different levels of detail depending on where you're looking. This means that the areas of the track and car that are directly in front of you are rendered at the highest resolution, while the peripheral areas are rendered at a lower resolution. This frees up GPU resources, which can be used to deliver a higher frame rate.

Explore the Terrain in Vivid Detail

The Pimax Crystal's high resolution display and local dimming technology deliver stunning clarity for terrain exploration. Easily spot the contrasts between different track surfaces and the details of individual objects, immersing yourself in the world of racing.

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