Crystal update May 24: Shipping now to pre-orders

Crystal shipping to customers

After shipping the Crystal’s to the beta test group last month, we’re now excited that the Crystal is shipping to pre-orders. 

And we’re not just saying that. Yesterday the first batch has already been picked up by FedEx and sent out to international customers. 

Crystal shipping to customers
Crystal shipping to customers

How are pre-orders processed?

Moving forward, we will continue to invite customers based on the following criteria:

  • 1. We’ll notify you by email when your pre-order number’s turn has come.

  • 2. With payment completed, the order will be processed and you will receive a shipping tracking number via email.

  • 3. If your payment is not made by the required date, your spot will be passed to the next customer. However, if going forward you still decide to buy a Pimax Crystal, you can email us and we will save a new spot for you.

  • 4. The hardware for Crystal is fully functional. However, the software modules for eye tracking and standalone VR mode are not yet enabled. We anticipate enabling Eyetracking by the end of June and trial run Standalone at that time as well. Once enabled, you will be able to update the software via OTA. We will keep you continually updated with information.

Now we are processing Crystal pre-orders from 2022. All pre-orders made before May 30th should be processed and shipped within the next two months.

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