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Pimax 12K QLED Trade-In Program

Get a brand new
Pimax 12K QLED with trade-in credit

Trade in your headset with Pimax.


Once we get your old headset, store credit is
issued for you to purchase a new headset.


Your old headset will be recycled or
given to a new owner.

Start shopping today.

Pimax Crystal-Sim

Trade-in Value: up to $800

Pimax Crystal

Trade-in Value:up to $800


Trade-in Value:based on the purchase value

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  • What headsets are eligible for the 12K QLED trade-in?

    Pimax Crystal,Crystal-Sim,5K Plus, 5K XR, 5K Super, 8K, 8K Plus, 8K X,and Artisan headsets purchased through Pimax-associated retailers are eligible for trade-in.

  • How much will I get for my trade-in?

    The amount you get for your trade-in depends on the model of your headset and its condition.The amount you get for your trade-in depends on the model of your headset and its condition.

    •Crystal and Crystal-Sim: If you purchased your Crystal before December 31st, 2023, you can get up to $800 when you trade it in once the 12K is up for sale. The exact amount you get will depend on the condition of your headset.

    •5K Plus, 5K XR, 8K, 8K Plus, and 8K X: Your trade-in value will be based on the price you paid for your headset, minus any damage or wear. You must have a receipt or invoice. Your trade-in value cannot be more than the original price of your headset.You must have a receipt or invoice.

    • Trade-in value cannot exceed the headset MSRP

    • 5K Super: You will get a flat $900.

  • Can I trade in for more than one 12K QLED headset?

    • 12k QLED trade-in is limited to one unit per customer.

    • For orders larger than one unit, please contact our customer support team or submit a support ticket with customer service.

  • When and where does the trade-in need to be shipped?

    • Customers will be responsible for the shipping fee from your address to the Pimax collection site.

    • Collection sites are located in:
    The United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

    • Additional collection points will be allocated based on need at Pimax's discretion.

    • After signing up for the trade-in program, a headset number will be allocated to your ticket. Two weeks before your headset is ready to be shipped, you will receive a notification from Pimax.

    • 12K QLED headset will not be shipped until your trade-in headset is received and inspected.

    • Your collection point will be assigned through the trade-in portal (more details on the trade-in portal to be announced later).

  • Can I add coupons to my trade-in?

    • The original 8K to 5K+ coupon is valued at $100.

    • The wireless module coupon is worth $200.

    • Headset and wireless module coupons can be stacked for a combined $300 deduction.

    • Other coupons (except cash coupons for refunds) cannot be used in stacks.

    Coupons cannot be used in any manner other than what is described within the program details. Our trade-in portal will allow you to connect with our customer support team and resolve any outstanding questions you may have.

    If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team.

  • I want to purchase more than one 12K QLED headset via this trade-in program. What should I do?

    The Pimax Trade-in portal will allow you to open a ticket with our customer service team with special cases including the need to purchase additional headsets via the trade-in program. Tickets will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • I live in Brazil/Russia, does this prevent me from participating in the trade-in program?

    Yes, for the time being. We are considering more regions for Phase 2. This is due to shipping restrictions in certain regions.

  • I backed 2 Kickstarter Projects, can I stack the discounts for 2 wireless coupons?

    No. Multiple wireless coupons cannot be stacked or aggregated in a single purchase unless cleared by customer service.

  • If my trade-in headset is non-functional or is not in good condition, can I still trade it in?

    No. But with your proof of purchase, you can still receive a discount coupon for the new Pimax 12K QLED. If you feel your headset may not qualify as being functional and in good condition, our upcoming trade-in portal will allow you to contact support for further guidance on this issue.

  • Does The Pimax 12K QLED headset support my existing Base Stations (Lighthouses 1.0 and 2.0) and controllers (Index controllers, Sword controllers, and Vive Controllers)?

    Yes. The lighthouse sleeve is required however, and will have to be purchased separately and installed on the headset. This allows for full compatibility with existing lighthouse-compatible hardware.

Pimax 5K Super special terms:

• The Pimax 5k Super trade-in value is fixed at USD 900.
• If the audio strap came pre-installed, its price is included in the trade-in offer.
• Value cannot exceed the original price.

For Pimax certified Partners and Resellers:

Pimax is currently developing options for our Certified Partners and Resellers to participate in the Reality 12K QLED Trade-In Program. We will be sending invitations at a later date as well as complete details on how the program functions. If you are not already a Pimax Certified Partner or Reseller and would like to participate in this program, or you have questions just send an email to business@pimax.com to communicate with a Pimax Business team member.

Pimax Loyalty Program for Trade-in Customers:

In appreciation for our valuable Pimax backers and early loyal users, Pimax will launch a Trade-in-First policy which will allow for more rapid processing and shipments. We will detail this program at a later date. Full details will appear on the Pimax trade-in portal when it launches.

Note: Pimax headsets received through the Mystery Box can only be traded in for the purchase price of the box.

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