Eye Tracking Module



Eye Tracking Module

Use eye tracking module and the corresponding SDK to develop eye tracking-related applications or games.



Hand Tracking Module

 Ultraleap’s optical hand tracking captures the movements of your hands with unparalleled accuracy and near-zero latency.



Modular Audio Head Strap

Relieve the pressure on the head – Ergonomic design, relieve the pressure of HMD, and make you more comfortable.

VR Comfort Kit/Keep your HMD clean and sweatproof


VR Comfort Kit 11mm-Thin

Keep your HMD clean and sweatproof – Easy to disassemble and clean, ensure a hygeian usage environment and keep germs at bay.
Silicone Protective Sleeve/Easy to put on and clean



Silicone Protective Sleeve

Protect the housing of your HMD – Add one more layer of protection, keep the appearance of HMD in the long run.
6m Fiber Optical Cable


6M Fiber Optical cable

It is a replacement cable, not an extension cable.
The 6M Fiber Optical Cable is a new cable designed to be thinner, lighter and more flexible than the original in-box cable.  
4.5m USB/DP Cable for USB models



4.5 M DP/USB Cable for USB models

5m DP/USB Cable (Suitable for adapter models)



5m DP/USB Cable Suitable for adapter models




Facial foam replacement for Comfort Kit 11mm/15mm




Pimax Facial Foam Replacemen13.5mm/15mm



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