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What is a Dollhouse View: Your house in 3D

Dollhouse View

Dollhouse is not only a toy that shows a child’s imagination and play, but also a dollhouse view is a unique experience that will help users to view someone’s property in 3D. It is a new way to showcase any property in an accurate way. Here is an example of an Airbnb Treehouse in Matterport….

Crystal shipping update

Dear valued Pimax customers, We are happy to announce that over the last several weeks, we have shipped hundreds of units globally. Unfortunately, our customers encountered multiple issues that were not anticipated. We hear your feedback from the community loud and clear, and we would like to clarify some key points, and announce our plans…

Ready for the world: Meet the Pimax Crystal & Portal VR at AWE2023

AWE2023 Pimax

With the Pimax Crystal shipping to pre-orders and the Pimax Portal shipping to Kickstarter backers, Pimax is finally bringing its next-generation VR products to customers around the world. Find us at Booth #952 At the Pimax booth, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the Pimax Crystal. Step into awe-inspiring virtual environments with the highest…

Degrees of Freedom: 3-DoF vs 6-DoF in VR

3-DoF vs 6-DoF in VR

What is Degrees of Freedom? In VR, degrees of freedom (DOF) refers to the number of independent ways in which a user can move within the virtual environment. It describes the level of freedom and immersion that a VR system can provide. In short, while 3 DOF allows you to look around, 6 DOF allows…

Crystal update May 24: Shipping now to pre-orders

Crystal shipping to customers

After shipping the Crystal’s to the beta test group last month, we’re now excited that the Crystal is shipping to pre-orders.  And we’re not just saying that. Yesterday the first batch has already been picked up by FedEx and sent out to international customers.  How are pre-orders processed? Moving forward, we will continue to invite customers…

What is the difference between VR vs AR vs MR vs XR?

VR vs AR vs MR vs XR

VR vs. AR vs. MR vs. XR VR, AR, and MR are three related but distinct technologies that are often confused with each other. In all, VR creates a completely immersive, computer-generated environment, while AR overlays digital information onto the real world, and MR combines both virtual and real-world objects in a single environment. XR…