Where to buy Pimax in Australia/New Zealand

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Where to buy Pimax in Australia/New Zealand

Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand have shown increasing interest in high-quality VR headsets, and Pimax has emerged as a leading choice for immersive gaming, racing simulations, and flight simulations. Known for its cutting-edge technology and superior performance, Pimax offers a range of VR headsets that cater to both casual gamers and serious simulation enthusiasts. This year, they released their latest product, Crystal Light, which is lighter and more affordable than their previous flagship VR headset, making high-quality PCVR experiences more accessible than ever. In this article, we’ll explore where you can buy Pimax VR headsets in Australia and New Zealand.

Why Choose Pimax VR Headsets?

Before diving into where you can purchase Pimax VR headsets, it’s important to understand what sets Pimax apart:
  • High Resolution: Pimax VR headsets are renowned for their high-resolution displays, providing a crystal-clear and immersive experience. Models like the Pimax Crystal Light deliver superior visual clarity, making them ideal for detailed simulations and VR gaming.
  • Wide Field of View: Pimax headsets offer an expansive field of view, enhancing the sense of immersion and making VR experiences more realistic.
  • High Refresh Rate: The Pimax headset boasts a high refresh rate (up to 120Hz), delivering smooth and fluid visuals that significantly enhance the immersive experience, reducing motion blur and latency for a more realistic and comfortable virtual reality environment.

Where to Buy Pimax VR Headsets in Australia & New Zealand?

1. Official Pimax Website

The best place to start is the official Pimax website. Purchasing directly from Pimax guarantees you are getting an authentic product with full warranty and support. They often have promotions and the latest models available for order.

2. Authorized Online Retailers

Several authorized online retailers in Australia and New Zealand stock Pimax VR headsets. These retailers often provide local customer service and faster shipping options:


  • Amazon Australia: Amazon is a convenient option with reliable shipping and customer service. Check out their electronics and VR sections for Pimax products here.
  • VR Zone: The destination for the latest and greatest in VR technology, offering top-tier VR headsets, accessories, including Pimax models. Pimax Crystal Light is now also available for pre-order.
  • Player1 Sim Gear: A leading provider of high-quality simulation equipment and accessories, designed to deliver immersive and realistic experiences for gaming and professional training applications. Player1 Sim Gear frequently stocks Pimax VR headsets.

New Zealand

  • Action Tech: A cutting-edge technology company that specializes in innovative solutions for enhanced digital experiences, including high-performance hardware and software for various industries. You can find Pimax models, including Crystal Light, here.
  • Dick Smith: A renowned Australian retailer specializing in consumer electronics, offering a wide range of products from gadgets to home appliances, including Pimax models.
  • Kogan: A prominent Australian online retailer known for its extensive range of affordable electronics, home goods, and lifestyle products. Buy a Pimax headset here.
  • Reebelo: A fast-growing marketplace for sustainable electronics, offering refurbished and pre-owned devices at competitive prices to promote a circular economy. Check their website about Pimax here.

3. Specialized VR and Gaming Stores in Australia

Local stores specializing in VR and gaming may also carry Pimax products. Visiting these stores can provide an opportunity to try the headsets before purchasing:
  • VR Zone Play: VR Zone is not just an online retailer but also offers an experience center called VR Zone Play, where visitors can immerse themselves in cutting-edge virtual reality experiences using advanced headsets, including Pimax headsets. Book a session here.
More Pimax experience centers will be available soon. For more information, please visit their experience center page


Pimax VR headsets are a top choice for those seeking high-quality, immersive VR experiences in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you choose to buy directly from the official Pimax website, through authorized online retailers, or from specialized gaming stores, you can be assured of getting a product that will elevate your VR gaming, racing simulations, and flight simulations to new heights.

For the latest updates, promotions, and detailed product information, visit the Pimax website and explore the world of cutting-edge VR technology.

Happy gaming and immersive exploring! 

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