Using a VR headset as a monitor

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Using a VR headset as a monitor

Short version:
Yes, you can use a VR headset as a monitor. If you have a standalone VR headset, this depends on the operating system. But if you have a headset you can connect to your computer, either with cable or wifi, then you can use Virtual Desktop in Steam, and simply put whatever content is on your personal computer into your VR headset.

(Read more here about the difference between PCVR and standalone VR headsets.)

Here’s how to set up your VR headset as a monitor

1. Go to Steam and search for Virtual Desktop.

2. Install it and run it, as well as SteamVR. It will load in your VR headset.

3. You can configure display settings according to your preferences. Adjust the resolution, screen size, and positioning to optimize your virtual workspace or media viewing experience. You can also change the backdrop of your 'space'.

4. You can use your VR headset’s controllers, but perhaps it is easier to just keep using your mouse and keyboard to interact with your computer.

Voila! The possibilities are endless. You can basically do everything with your VR headset as you could normally with your monitor. Watch movies, play normal 2D games, or work in Google Docs. All in immersive VR.

With the rapid advancement of virtual reality (VR) technology, it is now possible to transform your VR headset into a virtual monitor. This innovative solution allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual workspace or enjoy your favorite multimedia content with a unique twist.

Remember that using Steam's Virtual Desktop feature requires a compatible virtual reality headset and the necessary VR hardware. Additionally, make sure your computer meets the system requirements for virtual reality experiences.

Using a VR headset as a monitor opens up new possibilities for productivity and entertainment. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly transform your VR headset into a virtual workspace or a personal theater. Embrace the immersive potential of VR technology and elevate your computing and multimedia experiences like never before.

Using Pimax Play

Pimax Play also has a virtual desktop feature right now, so that you can use your VR headset as a monitor for whatever is on your PC. Simply click on the pi icon of your controller! See here for the video example.

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