Pre-ordered Date Manufacture Delivery time Arrived time(US/CA/EU/UK) Other regions
4.16(First Batch) Start from 5.27 Delivered start from the end of July
4.17 to 4.20 Start from 5.27 W2 - W4 of June (Most delivered)
4.21 to 4.28 Start from 5.27 W4 of June- W3 of July
4.29 to 5.15 Start from w2 of June W4 of July - W2 of Aug
5.16 to 5.30 Start from W3 of Jun W2 of Aug - W3 of Aug
5.31-6.13 Start from W4 of Jun W3 - W4 of August


The estimated times mentioned above are approximate. Due to factors like customs procedures, logistics, and warehouse processing capacities in different regions, arrival times may vary. We will do our best to expedite the delivery process. Here are some important points:

  1. Pre-order users are prioritized for shipping. Once you pay the final amount, your order will be queued accordingly.

  2. For users who paid in full without pre-ordering, your order date will serve as the pre-order date.

  3. If you used different emails for the pre-order and final payment, please inform customer service to avoid missing your original position.

  4. Pre-order users should complete the final payment by 6/30 to retain their position. After 7/1, unpaid pre-orders will be queued with regular orders, but the $30 reservation deposit can still be used.

We will confirm your address before shipping. If you have any changes or vacation plans, please contact Here is our notification process:

  1. Order Confirmation: Automatically sent after placing an order.

  2. Address Confirmation (requires a reply): Sent when goods are about to arrive at the overseas warehouse.

  3. Tracking Number Update: Notification of shipment (automatically sent by the system).



Q: I pre-ordered with $30. How do I get this pre-order fee refunded?
A: Use code N658Q5FXJ6XH during final payment, and the $30 will be deducted. Ensure you use the same email for both orders. For any email difficulties, contact our customer service.

Q: What if I forgot to use the code during order placement?
A: Submit a ticket to customer service. Upon order review, you'll receive a $30 refund.

Q: What should I expect after placing my order?
A: You'll immediately receive an order confirmation email. When your order is ready for shipping, you'll get another email to confirm your address. This confirmation occurs due to the gap between payment and shipping, accommodating summer travels.

Q: Why was my pre-order shipped later than others?
A: Pre-orders are processed in batches based on queue. Missing the invitation email or delaying payment may affect your batch, resulting in later shipping arrangements.


Check the latest shipping status here on the Announcement Page.