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Release expectations?

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I’m genuinely excited to purchase my Pimax Crystal, but the reservation system just doesn’t have enough details. Will I only be able to purchase when my turn in “queue” is up? What kind of release date are we thinking? I’ve started to see YouTube videos pop up with the Crystal, but I don’t know whether this is an indication that we’ll be seeing a mass release or not. Any specifics you can share? Thanks!

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Thank you for your interest in Crystal.

If you have already reserved Crystal and would like to know the latest news about shipping, you can contact our CS team on our website, which can be found in the bottom left or right corner of your Web viewer.
If you want to know more, you can keep an eye on our kickstarter website, where we will post the latest news.

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Still waiting for 12k but, as usual, Pimax is getting late. The issue is that more and more new hmd are coming and Pimax may be too late in a year with its product. 

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None. Waiting for 12k.