Vision 5K Super

Supercharged Virtual Reality, outstanding speed.

Be amazed by 5K clarity.
Advanced dual 2.5K custom screens produce breathtaking visuals and a natural life-like image for a truly immersive experience. The 5K Super allows for remarkable details in VR.

More to see, more to conquer.

The 200° field of view (FOV) breaks visual boundaries and makes you unstoppable in virtual reality.


Game on, Immersd.

Easily fit to your eyes.

Use the physical knob to adjust the lenses interpupillary distance between 60-70mm to get the best picture for your eyes. Our software can further adjust IPD another plus or minus 2mm.

Qualifies for the 12K QLED Trade-in.

Your headset purchase qualifies for up to 100% trade-in credit toward a 12K QLED upgrade in Q4 2022.

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Soft Cushion A soft cushion keeps your face and foreheadcomfortable while enjoying virtual reality.

Nose Guard The nose guard comfortably encompasses your nose to block out any unwanted light to ensure the best viewing experience.

Full SteamVR Tracking Compatibility.

Compatible with SteamVR 1.0 & 2.0 series tracking and Sword/Index/Vive controllers.

Powered by USB, no AC Adapter required.

USB powered. No need to use a power cord or adapter. The included 3-in-1 cable combines the DisplayPort, USB and power into a single thin cable.