Pimax Progress Update - May 15

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Pimax Progress Update - May 15
Today in our Progress Update:
Pimax Progress Updates is our bi-weekly column in which we share important bits for Pimaxians. For questions or comments, reach out to a Pimax representative on Discord, or contact us via our support page.

Pimax Crystal Light shipping starts soon

In our internal testing, the Crystal Light runs extremely smooth, as nearly all of its features are inherited from the Crystal. The beta test has already started, with headsets having shipped out to selected users across the world. Not just that. The Crystal Light has already had its first offline demo at the 2024 Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix, with the European and US roadshow starting soon. We're also ready to ship the first batch of pre-orders at the end of this month.
If you've pre-ordered the Pimax Crystal Light, please keep an eye out on our social channels or your email, as we'll soon reach out to you for the final payment.

Wide FOV lens update

The design has been finalized and we've shipped around 50 sets of lenses, yielding some positive reviews as well as suggestions to work on. Neil from Player1 Sim Gear: "The reason you need to get the lenses on your Crystal is because of the sense of speed. The additional 10 degrees on the outside of each of your eyes, gives your brain significantly more input on movement."
These earlier batches were made with a lens mold designed for small batches. We are now in the process of upgrading to a large-scale mold for the wide FOV lens. This mass-production mold should be ready for production around May 25th.  Because these glass lenses involve a lot of craftwork, we will continue to ship the lenses after six to eight weeks. For the detailed shipping date, we will keep users updated.

Winners from the Frontier giveaway

As said during our Frontier event, we'll provide prizes to selected comments. Here are our picks:
2x Crystal Light winners:
  • Headsethistorian
  • spandexunderwear3630
50% discount coupon (to be used for the 60G Airlink, Crystal Light, or Crystal Super)
  • andyvanderbeken3729
  • martinbailey4076
  • LarryCampbell-ht3sr
  • tdhitchins
  • CaptainBiggles.
  • frankymix4094
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