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VRX-Pimax World Cup kicks off at Daytona

34 racers, 8 tracks, 1 winner: The VRX-Pimax World Cup in iRacing kicked off last weekend, with drivers racing 45 laps at Daytona International Speedway. The #16 car from E.j Marshall started the race from pole position, but after multiple cautions, it was the #46 of Larry Bell who took the win, 0.085 seconds ahead of Chris Carroll and Jason Day.

Larry Bell, after winning the race: “I’m completely shocked, I sure feel good about winning the race. On the last lap, I looked in my mirror and saw I had a teammate behind me, I thought he might make a move but he wasn’t going to ruin my race. I was pretty confident there.”

Chris Carroll in second place: “We’re racing for points so at Daytona I wasn’t racing so much for the win. We need to consistently score points in this championship. Top 5 or top 10, I would have been happy with, that was my goal. And we did that. So stage 1, passed.

Jason Day in third place: “It was a lot more eventful than I wanted it to be, I got a decent qualifying position, but I got hit early in. I got lucky because we got lots of cautions. I somehow missed the really big wreck, I made a move for third and it stuck. So it’s a great finish.”

With 7 races still to go, all is still to play for.

Top 5 Prizes:

  • 1st PLACE: Pimax Crystal VR Headset
  • 2nd PLACE: Thrustmaster Boeing Flight Yoke Setup
  • 3rd PLACE: ButtKicker Gamer Plus
  • 4th PLACE: Thrustmaster LCD Display PS4
  • 5th PLACE: Thrustmaster Ferrari Headset

Next track coming up is Charlotte Motor Speedway. See the full schedule here.

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VRX has been designing and developing advanced simulators for over 15 years. Over that time, they have come to understand the unique needs of every individual who purchases a VRX system. Their clients range from the home racing enthusiast, to the global corporation looking to find a comprehensive, and immersive simulation solution for a variety of applications.

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Pimax manufactures VR headsets & high-end VR equipment. The new Crystal headset is coming out soon, with has some of the best graphics in consumer VR headsets and a wide field of view.

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