VR Flight Sim Guy's favorite VR headset of 2023 - Pimax Crystal

Every time someone asked me what is your favorite VR headset right now, in the past couple of months there’s been so many different headsets I’ve been trying, I didn’t really know myself which one was my favorite. But now I’ve finally come to the conclusion I really have, and this is based upon one simple thing when I go flying in MSFS or DCS World: which headset do I pick up the most, which is my main daily driver. Now it’s probably no surprise to you that since I am wearing it right now, it is the Pimax Crystal.



Posted by u/Claitie

Excitement about Pimax Crystal!

I have been an enthusiastic flight simulator fan with semi-professional standards for over 30 years.

Later, model helicopters and airplanes followed to satisfy my inner flying spirit.

Since 2020 I have even acquired my private pilot license and mostly fly the Ikarus C42 for my hobby.


Posted by u/ViveJesus

Tried the Crystal wide FOV lenses (with WIMFOV data)

I got to try the *wide fov lenses* on the crystal.
TLDR: its like the normal lenses, but an extra ~10 degree horizontal with some mild (2/10) distortion in the extra fov region. Cant imagine anyone would want to use the normal lenses with these as an option.


Posted by u/flcknzwrg

Bought the Pimax Crystal and nothing horrible happened… yet. It’s a tinkerers toy, though.

This sub is full of various horror stories, and I appreciate to be able to read all of them. Alas, I’d like to add one that is not a horror story, just to balance it out a little bit.

I ordered the Crystal and some accessories a couple of weeks back. From their store, as Amazon is not an option in my country (Norway), and there aren’t any other local resellers either. I fully knew that I was taking a risk, considering everything that I had read beforehand. But contrary to my fears, the packages were sent quickly and arrived without any problems or delays. Customs and VAT were taken care of, I had no surprise fees to pay at the border. An almost flawless experience, except for one little thing: the shipment wasn’t associated to my (new) Pimax account, so I couldn’t see my order status on their web page. Support rectified that within one day.