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Posted by u/TallyMouse

I was lucky enough to be asked to join the testing team for the pre-release version of the upcoming firmware beta that adds eye tracking functionality, along with auto-IPD, wearing location reminder, and lighthouse tracking mode, along with firmware updates for the controllers that dramatically improve tracking performance.

Posted by u/conRAD9055

Overall, the eye tracking was the biggest difference and it seems to have been implemented very well (much better than the Aero). It's UI isn't annoying and it doesn't pimp me for a recal every time I peek out. I'm glad these features are rolling out and I'm looking forward to using this beast every day. If anybody wants elaboration on the features or my experience, ask away!

Posted by u/delto95

I setup the room and iniatated the eye tracking calibration after enabling the function in the software. Make sure you have a controller switched on and in hand to confirm. Eye tracking calibration is easy and straightforward. Takes about 1 minute. IPD calibration was also very easy and automatic.