The Pimax REALITY 12K QLED Trade-in Program Update Bulletin

Since our announcement for the new Pimax Reality 12K QLED we are receiving many requests about the upcoming Pimax headset trade-in program and the policies that we will use. First, we are grateful and excited there is so much interest in this new headset and wish to thank you for your continued support in pushing the VR envelope.

As we move forward with this project we are working hard to collate all the feedback and questions from customers so we could prepare comprehensive solutions and answers for you. As a reference here is an updated version of the official announcement of the Pimax 12K trade-in Program policy.

All PIMAX 5K SUPER OWNERS – We are increasing your trade-in value to $900 USD!

  • If the audio strap came pre-installed you must include this in your trade-in.
  • No accessories can be traded-in.
  • Only 1 headset can be traded per transaction.
  • There is a Limit of 1 12K QLED headset per customer.
  • Pimax Headset Mystery Box products will use your actual purchase price for your Mystery Box for the trade-in program.


  • We are giving you a $50 coupon for the upcoming Reality Lighthouse Faceplate. This will allow you to use your existing Sword Controllers with Reality Series headsets. No trade-in is needed for the swords.

Later this year we will be opening up our trade-in portal and this will contain all details and support for this program and allow you to register for your trade-up.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our online customer service department!

Best Regards,

Your Pimax Team

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3 thoughts on “The Pimax REALITY 12K QLED Trade-in Program Update Bulletin

  1. Ralph Odya says:

    I’m currently running the pimex 5K Plus also I have a hand tracker and the earphones what would my trade-in price be for purchasing the 12K primex when it comes available? Does this use my current hand tracking and/or my earphones. How much for two towers 2.0, what about the surprise package available?

  2. jun9167 says:

    The detail information said “After signing up for the trade-in program, a headset number will be allocated to your ticket.”, and where is it?

    • Pimax says:

      Hi, the 12K exchange campaign has not yet been officially launched, you can keep an eye on our website for further information.

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