Top YouTube Gamers using Pimax products

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Pimax headsets are always famous of its widest FOV which is particularly suitable for some competitive games, such as Sim Racing games, Flight Simulation games, and FPS. The 200-degree field of view can let you see the whole map in the FPS games, let you see the cars that are running alongside you or let you look down at the scenery below in the sky. Depending on these, Pimax’s headset got a lot of Loyal users, let’s show them up!


Objectif-Racing, alias Geoffroy Koenigsfeld, is a French-speaking gamer passionate about sim racing. He cannot conceive of racing with other VR headset other than Pimax, having used it for many years now — coupled with a motion rig that makes the experience ultra-realistic. The qualities of the Pimax allow him to ride today in competitive esports with his team, the Undercut-Racing Team.


Boosted Media

Will from Australia, who owns a sim-racing peripheral online store, is keen on iRacing, using both VR and monitors. He used to review both the Pimax 5K Super and 8KX KDMAS on his channel with relatively good praise. He mentioned the 5K Super is a cost-performance choice to the VR Sim-racing with its big field-of-view. 8KX is a high-end headset with a great sweet spot, because of the big FOV, the racers do not need to turn their heads a lot with clear images, which provide much immersion while using.

VR Flight Sim Guy

Steve from the UK is a VR Flight Simulation enthusiast, he owns lots of VR headsets and shows them in different Flight Sim games on his channel. He provides a very high praise to 8KX and said it is very suitable for Flight Sim games, because of the big FOV and big sweet spot, the players flying around can see all the scenery. He thinks the Pimax 8KX continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in a VR headset. He makes a lot of videos using the 8KX (“holy crap“), and we’re extremely curious how he’ll review the Crystal!


Don from the US, and is a VR + AR enthusiast and gamer, he is always happy to show various games in different VR + AR headsets on his channel. He has always been enthusiastic about Pimax headsets, and keen on Pimax 8KX, which he said to have awesome clarity. See him here play Star Wars: Squadrons on the 8KX.


GenesisPlanA from Japan is a sim racing enthusiast, he is always interested in using Pimax headsets because of the big FOV with a visually comfortable and acceptable resolution and refresh rate, he believes these factors can lead to success in a competition or game.



Nici from Germany is always interested in playing VR games by using different VR headsets, but she’s also a regular Pimax user. She owns a 5K Plus and 8KX DMAS, and is quite surprised with the big FOV. See her do a perfect run on Synth Riders using the 8KX here!