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Pimax 5k+ review: Impressions and Measurements

Before I write a review of Pimax 5k+ I have to make it clear that I had almost all the VR headsets, starting with the LG G3 and Homido phone, and then all the PC headsets (Deepoon e2/e3, Pimax 4k, Oculus DK2/CV1, HTC Vive+DAS, Lenovo Explorer, Dell Visor, Samsung Odyssey, Samsung Odyssey+) as well as […]

Overview and impressions of Pimax 8K. VR 2.0 is already here. The wide FOV wins in all categories! -By Century

A small review on 8K (comparison with Lenovo Explorer / Samsung Odyssey, including through the lens). In general, I received today (or rather yesterday afternoon) the long-awaited Pimax 8K, the miracle finally happened (although after New Year’s Eve my faith in Pimax began to dry up a little, and in general the desire is a […]

5 Mistakes you shouldn’t do ⛔ A 5k+ Review -By TheHolyOne

Hi everyone, I’ve collected a short list of all the mistakes you should prevent under any circumstances. I wished I had this list myself because it would save me hours of my Life! Oh, God. I wished I’ve never got a Pimax 5k+. But why? Well let’s split this topic into different groups: The Screen […]