Sean Boundy wins round #3 of the VRX-Pimax World Cup, at Atlanta Motor Speedway

At the 59th lap, “it is Sean Boundy leading the way. Chris Carroll ducks to the inside line… Sean is back straight away from the final time… He’s got to give it everything. And Chris dives down to the turns two and three, trying to make the move for the lead but Boundy follow closely behind…no competition back and it’s going to be Sean taking the win or they crash for high across the line. What’s an end!”

The PIMAX-VRX WORLD CUP in iRacing of Atlanta Motor Speedway-RACE 3 kicked off on 26th Feb online, with 32 competitive racers and 60 laps to get to only one winner. 

Sean Boundy had talked about how he was looking forward to Atlanta and all the tracks at Charlotte Speedway of the round #2 of the VRX-Pimax World Cup. They’re all a bit different but within range of the leaders, so great competition, and looking forward to it. And see what happens, it is Sean Boundy who hits the run and be the winner. 

When it comes to the question of what you think as it happened to get the winner, Sean mentioned that it was kind of a two-fold strategy. “We were about a half a gallon good to the finish when someone got in front of me. l kind of used that to just save a little bit of fuel.  I wanted to save fuel but that just by happenstance allowed me to save tires in the meantime, so I definitely wonder save tires and I was more looking to make sure that I’d back up on the quarter entry and catch back up to him on exit so that way I can kind of push him into the corner a little faster than he might want to and then l just back off and save the tires run a little lower. Yes, I very patient race. it’s the tires actually come into play in about a 15 to 20-lap run you need to get a nice run you get a nice grip but if you’re going you know all out all the way around the corners.”

Aaron Smith II who is in the second place: “I’m feeling pretty good. I certainly didn’t expect to come out of this in one piece, so l’ll take anything at this point well. I was looking a bit. Do I see there already and I won’t lie but you managed to get through it took me through the last lap there because what I could see of it and what I could describe of it was calculated genius managing to overtake two cars.

Jason Day caught the third position of this race:“ that is just about gonna be a rap for us then here tonight. What a show we had here at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Could not have asked for a better way to have a third race of the season but not nothing as we saw in Charlotte. We expected this race to have a few cautions, but only one that is absolutely incredible and I have to commend these guys for giving us such an exciting performance to put on here tonight. Absolutely! I’m really really proud of them. They’ve done really well. They abided by what they said.”

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