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Pimax 8KX DMAS


  • 4K*2 Ultra HD resolution
  • 200° FOV Fresnel lenses
  • Native refresh rate 90Hz
  • SteamVR 1.0/2.0 tracking supported
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • 3D spatial audio
Only available in EU, Japan and Australia
DMAS Edition
Sword Kit & Sword Kit Lite
Sword kit Lite includes 2 Sword controllers & 2* 1.0 base stations
Sword kit includes 2 Sword controllers & 2* 2.0 base stations
Player Kit
Only available in EU and United States
Includes 2 knuckles controllers & 2 base stations
VR Beginner Package
Includes 5 random accessories: 4.5M Cable For USB Models,
VR Comfort Kit, Silicone Protective Sleeve, Face Foam For Comfort Kit.
Hand Tracking Module
Silicone Protective Sleeve


  • Can you replace the DMAS earphones with the KDMAS earphones on this headset?

    Yes, you can. Please see our tutorial here


  • Is this a wireless headset?

    No, the 8K X requires the included two-in-one DisplayPort and USB cable to be connected to a VR capable
    computer to function.

  • I’ve heard that the 8k X had a new revision released with upgraded features, is this the latest version
    or an older one? What are the differences?

    We sell both. The DMAS is the latest revision of the 8K X with new features, such as our updated audio
    solution and panels to improve the picture quality. The KDMAS is the older version of the 8K X.
    The differences are that the DMAS version provides off ear audio and those new features, while the KDMAS
    provides on ear audio and is compatible with AMD graphic cards and laptop GPUs, while the upgrades on the
    DMAS mean it is compatible with NVIDIA desktop RTX GPUs only.


  • Is this a standalone headset or does it require being connected to a PC? Can I use a non-Windows OS?

    No, this isn’t a standalone headset, and you must use Windows. Both the KDMAS and DMAS versions of the Pimax
    8K X headset are designed to be connected to a Windows 10 or 11 PC via the included cable. The DMAS version
    requires a desktop PC with an NVIDIA RTX card, the KDMAS version can be used with a laptop.

    Recommended PC Specs are:
    OS: Windows 10 or 11
    GPU: RTX 2080 or Above
    CPU: Intel i5-9400 or above
    RAM: 8GB or more
    Output: USB 3 port and DisplayPort 1.4


  • How long will the price remain reduced?

    Thank you for your interest in Pimax. The offer is limited in time, please do not miss it. If you have any
    questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message through chat via the support page.


  • Is the 8K X better than the Quest 2? Why is it a lot more expensive?

    The 8K X has dramatically higher specifications than a VR device like the Quest 2. The main factors are
    significantly higher resolution and field of view. These aspects help bring out the best experience for PCVR
    games of much higher fidelity than the Quest 2 plays natively.

  • Is the 8KX compatible with HP Reverb G2 or Quest 1/2 controllers?



  • Is the 8KX PlayStation compatible?



  • Are the 8KX speakers removable?

    Yes, the DMAS and KDMAS speakers are attached on each side with a small screw under the Velcro strip.


  • Can I use prescription lenses or glasses with the 8K X?

    Yes, you can use prescription lenses with the 8K X as there is room for them. You can also use glasses as
    the face foam and housing is designed to accommodate them. It is recommended to use the thicker, 15mm facial
    interface with glasses.

  • Can I play normal Steam games with the 8K X?

    Yes, you can play normal Steam games in the 8k X. This can be done via the built in Steam theater player by
    launching your VR headset and then the non-VR game you wish to play, or via Virtual Desktop or Big Screen
    for more options. This will make the game display inside of the VR headset.


  • I usually do stationary VR with a HOTAS or steering wheel and pedals, do I need a base station for this?

    No, you don’t require base stations to play stationary, seated VR experiences such as simulators. The
    headset can be set into 9-axis tracking mode for non-room scale games that don’t need walking around or VR


  • Can the 8KX used with AMD graphic cards?

    At present, the DMAS version of the 8K X does not support AMD graphic cards and requires an NVIDIA GPU. We
    are working to add AMD support for this model. However, the 8K X KDMAS version does support AMD cards just


  • Can you play without a base stations and VR controllers?

    Yes, many VR games, particularly simulations such as driving and flying, do not require base stations or VR
    controllers and can be played with peripherals such as a keyboard, HOTAS, or steering wheel. However, games
    which require room scale and moving your arms, such as Beat Saber, require the use of base stations and


  • My laptop has USB ports, but only HDMI and no DisplayPort. Can I still use it with the 8K X? Can I use
    the 8K X with a laptop that had DisplayPort?

    The 8K X DMAS version is not compatible with laptops at present. The 8K X KDMAS version, however, can be
    used with laptops if they have a DisplayPort 1.4 port and meet the minimum system requirements. HDMI is not
    compatible with the 8K X.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Jason Richardson
Best headset I ever have used

I owned many headsets, this one is a next generation leap from an index, vive pro aspherical lenses, cv1 quest 2 etc.. Truly amazing in all way. Better weight distribution is needed

Ryan H. Son
Great Picture Quality

Great for iracing and flight sim.

Muito bom! Mas..

Uma imagem muito boa. A Realidade Virtual é tão intensa que pode experienciar forças Gs em simulador de voo.., com enjoos até.. ;)

Great for racing/flight sims

Graphics are great and the super wide technology allows you to see things in your peripheral without having to turn your head. I only play racing/flight sims but it’s the bestVR headset I’ve had the opportunity to use so far. The head strap is also very comfortable. Definitely recommend!

Top of the line

Pimax have had some very mixed press over the years, I was a backer of the kickstarter for the original 8K and have owned a 5K plus before this as well as vive/oculus etc. I have no doubt that this is the best visuals you are going to get right now, both with resolution and wide FOV which is the Pimax unique selling point. I was going to stick with 5K as it is still pretty great, but the offer of trading this at full price against the newer 12K is pretty attractive.