[Installment]Pimax Vision 8K X-initial payment


  • Make Payment Up to 6 Months: 50% initial payment;10% installment payment on 20th of each month;6 months in succession.
  • When you Pay Balance payment, Please click here.
  • Lump sum balance payment is enabled
  • Free-interest payment
  • No Credit Required
  • Estimated shipping time: 10 days
  • FedEx Express from China
  • The first batch of testment is Europe Area.
  • Tax:Euro Price List:tax-inclusive
  • Note: If you do not pay the installment on time, we will add you to Pimax Blacklist and Pimax Headset will do not work.
  • Buy Pimax headset now,Get Full Deduction for Pimax Reality 12K QLED in Q4.2022(When you finish the payment)

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Pimax 8KX
[Installment]Pimax Vision 8K X-initial payment