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Facial Foam Replacement

$19.90 Excl. tax

  • Not compatible with comfort kit
  • Compatible with older headsets that do not have a comfort kit pre-installed
  • It is not compatible with Crystal/8KX/5K Super/8k plus/Artisan

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

15mm feels very good against my face.

sutra andre

Pimax Facial Foam Replacement

Peter Pettay

I, Almost got it. I mean the settings to work with DCS World. Furthermore, I don't understand the vertical offset yet, can you give me a little help on this. TK.

Franky Everest
15mm Version of Replacement Foam for Pimax 5k Super HMD...

Purchased the 15mm version to increase gap between my glasses and the lenses of the HMD.
Very satisfied with this purchase.

Also, the whole HMD fit on my head improved 100%. After a second pass of adjusting the HMD with this 15mm foam, the HMD how fits super well and I now the HMD no longer sits on my is completely supported on the head top straps & snug on the back of the head. Zero weight on the nose!!! Beautiful experience.
Thanks PIMAX.

stefan palko
Just a replacement

Delivery was so slow, kept on getting confirmation request for correct address even after dispatch. Hesitant in placing larger costing orders