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KDMAS Earphones


  • High-fidelity audio
  • 3D stereo surround sound
  • Full-wrap ear covers
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Fair Product

If you simply want an OK headphone solution that can has clean wiring, no extra cables/clutter, and fits with the overall design, this is it.
If you are picky with sound quality, you might want to stick to your favorite headphones.
At the end, I settled with the DMAS attached so I can keep myself cooler on playing standing games, and play with my speakers/subwoofers with seated games.

Outstanding shipping time - quality product

I ordered the KDMAS headset, as I was becoming tired of having to place 3rd party headphones over the top of my Pimax 8k+ headstrap - i wanted an integrated solution. The KDMAS strap is high quality, easy to install and setup. I've found that the skull-base support on the back of the strap offers a much greater feeling of balance when you're wearing the headset, compared to wearing the headset with the basic fabric straps. The headphones place over the ears well, and the dynamic range of the sound is as good as my Cowin E7 over-ear headphones. The headphones (and integrated mic) appear as "USB stereo device" in your sound settings, so are easy to find and use. The overall quality of the product and packaging is good. I was mostly impressed with the shipping. The order was expedited and delivered to my door in less than a week via FedEx - a feat that Amazon Prime is struggling with at the moment!

Jerry Rixter
Better than Expected

Since the KDMAS resembles the HTC Vive Pro DMAS, I wasn’t expecting much difference. Boy was I wrong!!!The Pimax KDMAS has a good level of bass and good highs. I’m very happy with my purchase!!!

Klaus Schmidinger
Great addition to immersion!

The KDMAS Earphone is a great addition to immersion. Installation is easy and straightforward, once you manage to loosen the two tiny screws that hold the phones. The screwdriver that comes with the package is useless, because the material it is made off is way too soft. My advice: go to the hardware store and get a quality screwdriver.

Mike Hodge
Very very frightening

Thundering base and screeching treble - immersive sound at last - light years better than the standard sound.