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Pimax sponsor iRacing 2022-S1 tournament Dallara Dash Series

Pimax 8KX
How excited we are! The first time we are joining hands with the beloved racing game iRacing this time. Let the Racing fans know about us, and show the racing enthusiast what we can provide in your special virtue driving experience
The Pimax iRacing Dallara Dash Series initially started on Dec.14. For every driver intending to join the Dallara Dash to win the Champion title and trophy, every participant needs to print the Pimax logo on your car. Without the logo, will be disqualified in the series. For more event details and rules, please visit iRacing for further information.

Pimax has always been a big lover of sim racing games, that’s why our hardware had the largest for and suitable refresh rate, all that just for drivers can have a fantastic virtue driving experience. 

The love not only reflects on the tournament itself but also the racing enthusiasm, we are glad to announce that the racing team Undercut will be also joining Pimax, competing in the particular tournament.

To Celebrate the Racing event, Pimax currently partners with Moza Racing—- Professional Virtual driving equipment company. For the Champion, we going to provide the Pimax 8kx as Champion Price, Top on that Moza Racing adding a MOZA Driving bundle, May the best driver win.
In addition, we also like to give every Pimax also the new driver a chance to feel how great iRacing is as a sim driving game,in our website we going to provide a full-year subscription with an unbelievable price, only 100 in stock.
Maybe you can win the Champion’s Price as a newbie.
Pimax 8KX headset
Speaking of the Champion’s Price, no matter you were into virtual driving or just get interested in this particular area, Pimax is definitely your best choice suffering in the metaverse, For this time, Driver’s Gear Pimax 8kx duel 200°FOV and Pimax 5ks 180hz refresh rate, it’s going to give you the most vive feel no matter were you driving or just chilling in the metaverse.
Foreseeable Pimax 12k will come in Q4 2022. Every headset is qualified for our trade-in program, which means you can get a full prize deduction when the 12k comes out and you like to upgrade your Pimax experience. The tournament will start on Dec.14. 
See you guys on the racing court!

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