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Pimax Product Setup

Installation and user guide

Connect your headset to your computer

Plug the DisplayPort, USB cables into your computer. The connection between the cable and the PC desktop is as shown in the figure below:


Note: The USB cable directly powered by the 8KX/5K SUPER/8K PLUS headset, without additional connection to the power adapter.

Download Pimax Store

Go to Pimax Official website ,download and install Pimax Store.


Open the Pimax Store client, enter your username or game and password, and click the Login button to enter.


If you have not registered, click the Register button below. (Please skip this step if you are already registered)


My device page

Click the icon below My Devices in the bottom left corner and click the icon below My Devices to enter the page.


Connect my Pimax Device

The default page is shown below.


Click on the guidance and follow the instruction until the connection is complete.

pimax-guide pimax-guide pimax-guide pimax-guide pimax-guide

If you don’t have the base station select the 9-axis sensor in tracking mode, which can be used to watch movies or experience racing, flight simulation and other games.

note: if you mainly into Sims then you can use 3DoF mode. However many simmers will recommed having at least 1 Lighthouse due to the bility of lean. Without a lighthouse you cannot lean forward, backwards or left and right.

pimax pimax

SteamVR Installation Notes

Click on the Library-Tools, find Steam VR and click install. If you don’t have the Steam software, brwose Steam official website

pimax pimax

Thank you for choosing Pimax

To learn more please click Knowledge Base and Electronic Manual