Pimax Introduces the 2nd Reality Series headset, the Pimax Crystal featuring the interchangeable lenses and a high-density display

By Pimax Team published Jun 02, 2022

The Crystal includes an Impressive Array of features focused on visual quality.

In addition to featuring a groundbreaking pixel density of 42PPD (Pixels Per Degree), the new Crystal offers interchangeable lenses that allow users to select their own combination of Field of View and sharpness. This new lens assembly can greatly benefit users with visual impairments such as myopia as it allows adjustments from 0 to 7 diopters for edge-to-edge sharpness.

The device also includes advanced nano-coated optical glass aspheric lenses that provide realistic visuals for objects both near and far from the user’s perspective. These new lenses increase light transmittance, lowers aberration and reduce stray light, providing users with a new level of colors, contrast and a distortion free image. The Crystal lenses also utilize an anti-blue light coating that protects users from eye fatigue.

The Crystal’s field of view at 42PPD is 120 degrees diagonal and a lower density lens of 35PPD offers an even larger field of view. These lenses are also easily interchangeable and replaceable.

Regarding the display, Crystal includes the same total pixel count as the previous Pimax flagship the 8K X, but with much greater pixel density. The panels of Crystal utilize a horizontal resolution of 5760 pixels, 2880 pixels vertical and a refresh rate as high as 160Hz. This technology combines QLED and Mini-LED technology to offer a wide color gamut more than 20% greater than OLED displays.

To provide users with the richest color experience the Crystal includes an HDR algorithm that allows the headset to take full advantage of its high contrast ratio and accurate color space to be the best VR headset for video editors, graphic artists, engineers and gamers alike.

For everyday use the Crystal dramatically cuts down on setup and startup time and can be used with a full 6 degrees of freedom in almost any location.

Dual-Mode VR Offers Fast Switching between Stand-Alone and PCVR

The Pimax Crystal offers the same basic feature set as the previously introduced Pimax 12K QLED that provides full VR 3.0 capabilities. This includes the Reality faceplate system that allows easy swapping of the faceplate to offers features such as Lighthouse compatibility and Mixed Reality cameras to see the outside world in high resolution.

The Crystal is powered by a high clock Qualcomm XR2 combined with Pimax customized PCVR dual-processor engine that maximizes performance to achieve unprecedented smoothness for Omni-All-in-One experiences. The build-in 4-camera tracking system provides accurate 6-degrees of freedom for both PCVR and stand-alone modes.

Integrated Tobii eye tracking enables Crystal to include auto-IPD adjustment, further reducing the setup time and providing users with realistic social interaction in VR, achieving a cognitive, immersive experience perfect for VR 3.0 and the Metaverse.

Crystal Provides Wireless Freedom

The Crystal integrates a Wifi6E receiver and offers the world’s smallest WiGig module as an option. This miniaturized WiGig module transports PC data at a very high rate using the 60GHz frequency. The Powerful anti-interference technology built-in to the WiGig module allows lag free communication within 3 to 5 meters range from the PC. The innovative design of the WiGig module allows installation with no software and no drivers and does not require any hardware configuration.

With the features mentioned above the Crystal establishes a leading position in the industry that goes well beyond it’s visual clarity.

The Pimax ecosystem on the way and will launch in Q3, 2022

Since the announcement of the Pimax Store in October 2021, Pimax has been working side by side with numerous developers to build a robust software ecosystem. Many well-known developers have developed optimized applications that will be the first to appear within the new Pimax Store. That inludes BRINK Traveler, cyubeVR, Boombox, OpenXR Toolkit, Heresphere Video Player, Vermillion, OVR Toolkit, Vengeful Rites, and many other amazing titles.

As the co-founder of Brink XR said at the Crystal Launch Event, “I’ve always loved to see Pimax continuing to push high end VR with more resolution and more field of view. It is exciting that they are making highly immersive VR available to more people.” Many developers believe that the high performance of Pimax headsets together with optimized content are the key to the most immersive VR experiences.

The Crystal is expected to start shipping in Q3, 2022. The price is considerably lower than the Pimax Reality 12K QLED announced at the Pimax Frontier Event last year. The Crystal Package includes the headset, 2 Joystick Controllers, Deluxe Speaker System, a 6000Mah battery, DP Cable and the wider FOV 35PPD lens for $1,899. Previous Pimax headset owners can receive a discount package with a value up to $200. Detailed Pimax Owner benefit information can be found on the Pimax website.

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