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Nov 15th 2022 8 A.M. EST

Pimax Portal - World's First Metaverse Entertainment System

pimax 8K VR

Project Creator

VR 3.0, 4K QLED+MiniLED+HDR, 144Hz, 27 PPD, Room Scale 6-DoF, 60GHz mmWave, Game & Entertainment VR/AR/Handheld/Dock/Station/Cloud Mode

Step 1: Please enter your name and email.
Step 2: We will pick a winner randomly and announce after Pimax Frontier 2022 Launch Event.

Join our global roadshow

Pimax is starting a worldwide roadshow with the Pimax Crystal QLED together with other exciting Pimax hardware surprises!
Starting from November 19th Berlin to January 5th CES US. We have a few events planned already in Europe, sign up in the map below to anywhere you prefer, there will be more locations and events coming, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, can't wait to see you face to face.

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Oct 25th, 2021


To go where no one has gone before.

May 16th, 2022

Pimax Crystal

The Pimax Crystal Launch Event will reveal our latest technology and more importantly, launch a new next generation headset Pimax Crystal QLED, that the VR community will be sure to get excited about!