Enhance Your VR Experience
with the Lighthouse Faceplate

Exceptional tracking precision

The faceplate offers sub-millimeter accuracy and captures every movement with precision, which makes the gaming experience quick and smooth.

Swing your sword or golf club, Lighthouse Faceplate will track your moves with  sub-millimeter accuracy.

Freedom of movement

The support of various custom peripheral tracking options offers full-body tracking and deeper physical engagement that can be used for scene expansion and professional applications. 

Compatible with
the SteamVR Lighthouse positioning system

This combination allows the Pimax Crystal VR headset to utilize a high-precision tracking system which provides users with an even more realistic and deep immersion into virtual realms..

No need for the replacement of
your current controllers

It is worth mentioning that the Lighthouse Faceplate is compatible with existing SteamVR base stations and controllers, eliminating the need for users to replace their current devices.  

Lighthouse Faceplate Review

VoodooDE VR

The Lighthouse faceplate makes the Pimax Crystal even better! Setup and review!


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Pimax Crystal
lighthouse faceplate