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Pimax Receives USD$20M Series B Funding

New investors join to share the Pimax dream – pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality. October 18th, 2020 — Pimax, a prominent VR hardware manufacturer dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of consumer and commercial Virtual Reality devices has successfully received $20M (USD) Series-B funding, announced at World Conference on VR Industry 2020 (WCVRI 2020). Pimax […]

The Pimax Controller’s first post!

Good News! We have hit another important milestone in the development of the Sword controller and we have reached the final development stage. We are currently testing all the design elements which include stress and other tests for the housings, PCB, electrical components and more. Here are some images of a recent sample : Here are some additional details:(expect more […]

Pimax NOW – The Vision 8K X is Shipping!

The Pimax NOW Event is brought to you by the Pimax team presenting the latest news and updates regarding the Pimax 8KX shipping, release dates and more! During Pimax Now, we are revealing the current progress of Pimax VISION 8KX, Pimax Artisan Limited Edition, all Pimax VR accessories and also all about the new “Pimax […]

MATTS DIGITAL and PIMAX have signed a partnership to…

Matts Digital And Pimax

Paris, June 2nd, 2020 – PIMAX, leader in ultra-wide Field of View (FOV) and high-resolution Virtual Reality headsets and MATTS DIGITAL, an AR/VR value added distributor have entered into a partnership to further promote the deployment of PIMAX Virtual Reality solutions in France and Europe.   This partnership agreement includes provisions for MATTS DIGITAL to import and […] | COVID-19 UPDATE

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges, and we believe serving our customers is critical. Our consumer relations team is working safely from home and are able to answer any questions you may have regarding orders, or product questions. SHIPPING NOTE: We’re also working very hard to get your orders shipped to you quickly and safely. We’ve updated […]

Pimax Integrates Ultraleap Hand Tracking in Next Gen VR Headsets

Pimax Integrates Ultraleap Hand Tracking In Next Gen Vr Headsets

26th February 2020 – Pimax, a leading innovator in immersive virtual reality (VR) hardware, today announced it has signed an agreement to offer Ultraleap hand tracking for its whole VR headset range. This is Ultraleap’s first official accessory integration within a consumer market VR headset, which will enable more people to have more intuitive interactions and […]

At CES 2020: Pimax 8K X hands-on review

Vision 8K X

“At CES 2020, the long-awaited 8K headset is here, and it has all the specs. The twin 4K displays are backed up by a 200 degree field-of-view that’s far more immersive than competitors. It also has built-in audio jacks to support headsets, compatibility with Steam VR and Oculus platforms, and a refresh rate up to 90Hz.”   Read […]