trade in,program
Pimaxians will have the priority to purchase the Pimax Reality 12K QLED.

First 3 months after the release:

3. Applies to Pimaxians worldwide, we temporarily set 8 recycling sites which include North America, European Union,
United Kingdom Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and China.
We will gradually open other sites, please continuously follow up our official website.
2. Original Kickstarter backers can stack their wireless coupon and receive extra $100 on top of the deduction;
1. Own any Pimax VR headset before this shipping date and get FULL PURCHASE PRICE deducted from the Reality 12K QLED price;
Special term: Any Pimax 5K super sold from Pimax approved sales channels can get a $900 deduction of Pimax 12K QLED.
(Pimax 5K super purchase from mystery box do not qualify for Special term)

First 12 months after the release:

Available Q4 2022

Reality Series

Pimax 12K QLED

Pimax Trade In Program