VR 2.0 Upgrade Approval Request Form

Program Background

SteamVR statistics show that more than 90% of users still use VR 1.0 hardware: small fields of view, low resolution and high latency.
To that end, Pimax starts this program that will allow VR players with older headsets to experience the latest immersive technologies with super-wide 200°FOV and high 180Hz refresh rate for a very reasonable price.

VR 2.0 Event Price (Free Shipping)

USD Area Price:
Regular price: $799
Sale price: $599

Euro Area Price (Include VAT):
Regular price: €799
Sale price: €599

JPY Area Price (税込):
Regular price: ¥113,140
Sale price: ¥72,980

AUD Area Price (Include GST):
Regular price: AU$1,129
Sale price: AU$899

Here we go!

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Qualified for limited purchase.

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Option 1:Please show your purchase invoice. Option 2:If invoices could not be found, please provide any valid proof of purchase. (Such as the screenshot of online shopping) Option 3:If the proof of purchase could not be provided, please upload the photo of your current PC VR headset (the photo should include the serial number of the headset, brand logo & shooting date) and ID/passport photo (just show your name on ID/passport, mosaic the other contents)
Thank you for sparing your precious time. Looking forward to seeing you at Pimax Community.