Smith II comes the first repeat-winner of the VRX-Pimax World Cup

The season of VRX-Pimax World Cup is halfway and the result is that four different races and four different winners. Here, we welcome our first repeat winner-Aaron Smith II after a crazy race at the iRacing Superspeedway, following his win earlier this season at Charlotte Speedway.

Sean Boundy: “I mean I led more laps than the scheduled distance. That’s how bad it was. I said Aaron and Carol are lined up on the outside and there’s nothing I could do. The inside gets too bugged up into the corner and gets separated by the pool of the outside draft pulled in the second place car back and you just can’t stay hooked up on the bottom and defend at all if the outside hooked up and it. Basically l kind of knew unless something really stupid happened. The race was over. Yeah, it’s a fun activity that VRX put on and a fun and interesting series of very competitive series and yeah we’ll just we’ll just get him next time.”

Chris Carroll: “Well, that track is really tricky on the exit of both corners, you had to pick and choose what lane you were in at the right time and you know went to which lane was going when if you could and when you’re pushing a guy you had to get him space at certain spots in order to keep the speed in order to to keep the the two cars move in there. It was really tricky and you just had to kind of wing it. You only had two laps every time because they were wrecking so you had to just figure out as he went and think outside the box and  find a way to get your best. Best finish you know absolutely who I give a shout outs to on the run always going to. Thank USA and five kings five kings motorsports. I’m going to thank all my teammates at the pit laser performance and all the guys out there who race me clean every week out at the Pimax series here. Thank all the sponsors here Pimax and everybody that puts us on it works so hard.”

Aaron Smith II: “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much on that last restart because we kept falling back every time we got stuck on the outside no matter who I had behind me. We would just fall back to about. Maybe fifth and sixth before the bottom line opened up but we got such a good push through turns one and two there. He was on it and that last restart just gave me the bumper the whole time, backed off me just a little bit in the corner and got back to me on the exit and just got us around Sean like it was nothing.

We’ve seen what I’ve been able to do on these ovals so far this season. I’d probably say that I’m okay at opals at best, but when it comes to road courses, I’m pretty good so we’ll see how it plays out. Hopefully the lap car is playing nice and hopefully we are able to keep the nose clean over the course of the entire race.”