Pimax announces 100% revenue share and $100K fund for developers to boost VR content

Pimax, a developer & manufacturer of VR hardware, announced that it’s giving 100% revenue of its online store to VR content developers, and providing a $100K fund for the stimulation of VR games.

The zero-cut from the Pimax Store is a big difference from other online game stores, with Steam taking a 30% cut, Meta taking 47.5% in Horizons World, and 30% in the Quest Store.

Carol Yuan: “We’re a hardware manufacturer in the first place, which you could argue Steam and Meta aren’t, so this makes it easier for us to accept a lower margin, but we also want to promote the whole VR market, as technology is advancing fast. There should also be more high-quality VR content available. Not only do we think that, but also many users online think this is holding back VR.”

Pimax currently works with about 300 developers, ranging from indie developers to bigger studios. Pimax not only has a generous revenue share, but also helps promote games online and at offline events, such as at the upcoming Game Developers Conference at the end of this month in San Francisco.

Kimz Zhang: “Previously we had fun and successful campaigns with cyubeVR, Lost in Abyss, and First Person Tennis. Developers see a peak in new downloads and we see more people use VR. It’s a win-win. We’ll be at the Game Developers Conference also this March, hoping to meet more developers and convince them to create more content. Not just for Pimax but the whole industry.”

For more information about the Pimax Software Ecosystem Incentive Program, visit the Pimax Developer Center or sign up at Developer Registration. To make an appointment to meet the team at the 2023 Game Developers Conference, click here.

About Pimax
Pimax was founded in 2015 and soon created the world’s first 4K VR headset, which was recognized as the best VR product at CES Asia 2016. In 2017, Pimax released the award-winning Pimax 5K+, and the 8KX in 2019, with 4K resolution per eye and a massive 200° FOV (field of view), while most other VR headsets on the market have around 110° FOV, and for this, Pimax has amassed a loyal global fan base among VR enthusiasts. Pimax also holds the Guinness World Record for the most successful crowdfunded VR project, with $4.23 million. The Crystal VR headset is coming out soon, as well as the Portal, the world’s first handheld VR gaming console.

About the Pimax Store
The Pimax Store is Pimax’s online game store with games optimized for Pimax headsets (and their bigger FOV and higher resolution). It also includes customization settings for hardware, and often has special events or discounts.

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