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Performance Optimization

Personalized Function 

Personalized Function


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Release Date: 2021/06/11

Version: v1.0.1.271

File Size: 119MB



New Features:

1. Update the headset firmware flashing program.
2. Optimized the compatibility for the 5K Super.
3.Fixed an issue where the language of the dialog box is different with Pitool.
4. Fixed a problem that causes the SteamVR Installation Tutorial Link to fail.
5.Syncronized the 90Hz Pitool and Nvidia drivers for compatibility.
6.Additional bug fixes and optimizations.





Firmware Update

For non 8K X

Firmware Version: 271    Release Date:2021/5/6 

New Features:

1. Fix the problem of abnormal screen colour when the headset is connected to the AMD graphics card.

2. Added front light bar switch function (requires Pitool 270 and later to support)

Firmware 271 Update



For 8K X

Firmware Version: 296    Release Date:2021/1/22 

New Features:

1. Added 60HZ option for native mode.
2. Fix the accidental black screen problem in upscaling mode

Firmware 296