Mystery Box! Merry Christmas

🎄Finally, Reindeer and Santa coming to town once again, the moment we can all forget about the bad moments, celebrate with your family, your loved one.

To celebrate the special moments of the year. Pimax decided to bring back the beloved mystery box, and this time we going to level it up.

Pimax Christmas Mystery Box

The Christmas Mystery Box will divide into 2 different units:

1, Merry accessory mystery box($99)

Ok, first we can all forget the 6m cable this time, we like to put more joy into the box instead of disappointing long cable,

The accessory mystery box will include:


    Sword Controllers

    Base Station 1.0*1

    Hand Tracking Module

    Eye Tracking Module

Pimax Christmas Mystery Box

Totally 300 Pcs, for $99, can get a value between $149-$269 to level up your existing headset, and also there will be 2 sets of coupons for purchasing headset(guaranteed), 

$40 deduction for purchasing headset over $800

$80 deduction for purchasing headset over $1000

Yes this time we decide to remove the grand prize of the mystery box, just don’t want to every customer feel like gambling for the big price and get the Christmas feeling down. Every box every contain at least get on accessory. Just want every headset owner to get a really useful item.

2. Christmas headset mystery box($499)

Now, for the people really wants to feel the Pimax headset, this time we want to do something we have never done before.

The Christmas Headset mystery box will include:

Pimax Christmas Mystery Box


           Pimax 8k x

           Pimax 8k plus

           Pimax 5k super

           Pimax 5k plus

Totally 200 Pcs, for $499 one Pimax Headset guaranteed.

Because of love, we like to provide more chances to let everyone have the Pimax experience, minus the choosing problem, this time, let fate decide which headset you will get for the Christmas gift. For $499 you can get a value between $699-$1324 of our products, hope you like surprises.

The Christmas mystery box was initially open for sale on 2021.12.16(PST), Stay tuned for more information at

In the end, hoping everybody gets what they wish for, have a good time, thanks to accompanying with Pimax, Wish all a merry Christmas and a wonderful life.🎄

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