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Etee controller can…


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I’ve received my EteeVR controllers, but I can’t use it because pimax block it and override it position to the hand tracking module position.

Please fix it.

You can see on the screenshot the Pimax hand tracking module that place hand (black controller). The etee tracker that must track the Etee controller. And the Etee controller that got attached to the black controller instead of the Etee tracker.

That make impossible to use the Lighthouse tracking as controller position.

All “buttons” on the controller work.

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Hello Flavien CADET

Thank you for contacting. We’re here to help.
We are currently not officially adapted to use the Etee controller.

Pimax VR headsets (Artisan, 5K/8K, 8KX series) support for users to pair the Vive1.0/2.0 controller, Index controller, or Vive tracker.

We are sorry to hear about the problems you have encountered, but if you need further assistance you can contact our technical staff via the support platform.