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Pimax crystal shipping times

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I was wondering what the shipping time frames are currently looking like?


I personally fully paid for mine a month ago I even got an email saying it was ready to be shipped but no word now for weeks

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I am the same. Ordered months ago, paid in full on July 2nd as soon as they asked for payment. As soon as I payed I was told there was a delay. On August 8th I was told it was ready for shipping and I even got a shipping number. According to that number it was sent to the Fedex facility in Nanchang and it has been there ever since. No one is replying to my emails, I have tried to raise a ticket with customer support but, because I have not got all the info on my headset, the ticket cannot be sent as it needs all the boxes to be completed.

Why will nobody from Pimax get back to me???? I now just want my money back. My friend who ordered his Crystal at the same time received his over three weeks ago. What is going on??

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Hello, I just got mine and went through a similar experience this is the rough timeline:

-made the payment.

-around 2 weeks later got notification that it was ready for shipping

-no reply nor anything for days so I lost my patience, IF they read this I’d suggest to add the following to that email: “… is ready to ship. However please be patient as we will follow the originally stated timeline and ship about 4 weeks after payment has been made”

-about 4 weeks past the payment date when we were nearing shipping date I logged in and saw the tracking information for the label, no shipping yet.


-a couple days after the 4 weeks passed the item was shipped, I think it was a friday for them (thursday for me) and I received it with FedEx express about 4 buisess days later (with the bad luck I was not able to get it because I HAD to leave the city, but I got it the day after when I came back).


In my country the taxes on it’s importation was about 16% purchase price, so be aware of it and ready to pay in case your country does the same.

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