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Is anyone monitorin…

Is anyone monitoring the Portal Kickstarter?

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The Kickstarter feels abandoned. People who ask me about the Portal assume it’s a scam. Is it?

Is there ANY progress on VR?? It’s half of the devices advertised features but has had almost no information about what’s happening. 

I would love to have some questions answered over there! I know that Pimax just got $350k from us, and pretty much left us in the dark. Oh and the $28MILLION from your 11 venture cap investors. 


Two years ago there was a post here on the forum saying Pimax has to change it’s customer service approach because of funding and because of allocating staff. There’s almost 300 people employed at Pimax right? Is funding still an issue? 


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Once again, we would like to extend our deepest apologies to you as we have once again experienced material delivery issues with our gaming equipment products, resulting in untimely delivery. We are aware of the disappointment and inconvenience this has caused you and we are very sorry.
As a manufacturer, we are committed to providing high quality, reliable and outstanding gaming equipment products. Portal materials are now arriving and the factory has started production and we will be shipping in batches depending on the availability of materials. We understand your disappointment and dissatisfaction and appreciate your support and patience with our products.